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solinb 03-29-2010 09:40 AM

Growing Diotoms (algae medium). Help please?

I'm trying to grow some diatoms at home, and from what I've been reading it looks like i can use some of the algae growing medium thats around. While i found some sites on-line that have the medium, i was wondering if it was the kind of thing a specialty aquarium store might carry, or if anyone out there might know of an alternative. I'd like to avoid getting things shipped, if possible.

There would be no fish involved in the tank, I'm looking to cultivate a specific bioluminescent strain I've got my hands on. Although my microbiology isn't super strong, I am a biochemist and do have access to some equipment for making medium (although I'd prefer to be able to do it exclusively at home, if possible).

thanks for any help!

Kellsindell 03-29-2010 10:07 PM

Nice to have you here!

Bio-Luminescent... sweet. I'd love to see some shots of that when they start kickin. What species do you have? Although you can get a diatoms growing with medium, I'm not sure how you would keep it going without the cycle being where you need it. The diatoms... is that the sole food the, what I'm assuming is plankton, eats?

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