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new2fish 03-08-2007 07:21 AM

All my fish got sick, most have died. Why?
I have a second hand tank. It was cleaned and cycled before any fish were added. The first three fish in the tank were a black and red gold fish, a cold water guppy and an algie eater. The guppy died first within four days. The gold fish died two days later. The guppy seemed healthy until I found him dead. The gold fish began swimming oddly on day five. On day six He seemed bloated and swam on his side. There was no external damage or signs of illness. I assumed the guppy had starved because the gold fish was such a pig. The gold fish appeared to have over eaten, and died on day six. The algie eater seemed fine. I watched for 2 days and the algie eater still seemed fine. I changed the water, and put in a betta. My poor betta died within 24 hours. He had white cotton like fluff on his body. It began at the tops of his fins and spread very rapidly. I believe this was fungus. The algie eater started to show signs of illness at this point too. Lose of colour and a small amount of fluff on him too. I treated the tank for fungus right away. The algie eater seems to be doing better now. (Hard to tell) I've learned that fungus is a secondary infection. How do I determine what caused the initial problem? I want another crowntail betta but I'm afraid to put any more fish in the tank until I have the problem solved. Please help!

Daz 03-08-2007 07:39 AM

Hello new2fish,

What did you clean the tank out with ? does it have a filter ? does the tank have circulation?

new2fish 03-08-2007 07:31 PM

The tank was cleaned with hot water. No soap. The second time it was cleaned. (After my betta got sick) I cleaned it with hot water, and then with freshly boiled water. I let the tank dry completely and left it that way for about two hours. I wanted to make sure that the bacteria or whatever it was, was dead. Yes I have a pump, and the water level is good. It is aerated and it has good circulation. The filter is old though. I think it's a charcoal filter. I did the best I could to sterilize everything before I put the fish back in and added the treatment. I don't have a second tank to put them in while I treat them. What I need to know is what caused the fungal growth in the first place. My betta did beat himself up a bit when he first got there. I think he was pretty stressed out.

daisycutter 03-09-2007 07:54 AM

it may be an idea to eliminate the filter if its very old and start afresh with a new setup dont be dishearted by this it sound like you did everything by the book but theres an unknown cause here which needs to be found

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