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tophat665 03-07-2007 09:41 PM

20 Gallon small tetra tank
I have a 20 gallon high, well planted, that I had neglected for a couple of weeks until it turned into a complete jungle. Tonight, I pulled all the plants, trimmed the bottoms, removed all leaves with BBA, decimated the snail population, rearranged the hardscape, and gravel vacuumed and water changed. I'll post some pix tomorrow.

However, based on the thread about neons in a 50 gallon, I'm curious about adding some more small tetras to this tank.

Current stock:
8 neons
10 pygmy cories
4 ottos
3 amano shrimp
1 bulldog pleco (less than 2" at 10 months old)

Think I could safely add another 5 neons or cardinals? Another 10?

Bear in mind that this is a heavily planted tank with filters rated for 50 gallons. Hardscape takes up about 2 gallons worth of space.

Lupin 03-08-2007 02:16 AM

A heavily-planted tank can fit in 30-40 neons or 30 cardinals. Note that both species will barely add too much bioload especially when your plants serve as biological filters.

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