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mastermindc3pro 03-24-2010 12:10 AM

Need Help Picking A Flouresant Bulb For planted tank
Hey everyone i need help picking a new flouresant bulb for my planted tank. I dont beleive my plants are getting the proper lighting they need and im wondering if any of you know any type of bulb i should be using.

Austin 03-24-2010 01:15 AM

You need a fullspectrum bulb which is 6500k. How intense (wattage but mostly lumens I think) is your choice. Lots of plants do great in low light. Some require high lights so that's your choice.

Byron 03-24-2010 01:45 PM

Austin is correct; a full spectrum around 6700K works best. Do you have a single tube fixture or a dual-tube fixture? I ask because with two tubes you can mix tubes which gives some flexibility in colour (the appearance of the colours of plants and fish can be affected by the colour of the tubes which is expressed in Kelvin). Full spectrum is approximately equivalent to the mid-day sun, around 5700K if memory serves me correctly. Tubes around 6500/6700K tend to be the best as they slightly increase the blue but keep a good balance for natural colour rendition. There are lots of tubes out there, from expensive aquarium-geared ones to much less expensive brands in hardware stores. As long as the kelvin is around 6000-7000K they will be fine.

redchigh 03-24-2010 01:54 PM

+1 to everyone, just wanted to say that if you can't find bulbs labeled "full spectrum" that's okay, I just have cool white CFLs in mine. (Super cheap, since I had an incandescent hood already. No reason to go buy an expensive new light fixture if you only have a screw-in fixture, just buy those spiral CFLs and make sure they say 6500k or 6700k on the box somewhere. USUALLY they have kelvin listed. If not, the ones labelled cool white are often in the 6500-6800k range, which works.)

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