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Splinter492 03-21-2010 09:33 PM

Triops from nowhere?!?!?!!?
three days ago i got some of those plants from petsmart you know the ones in the tubes and i planted them in my ten gallon (future shrimp farm / apparently new triops farm) and out of nowhere i started seeing little baby triops!!!! anybody have theis happen to them or know why this would happen??:-?
yeah i know after some reasearch that the plants arent ment for aquariums even tho they are labeled "for aquarium and tropical taririum"

iamntbatman 03-22-2010 03:56 AM

Are you 100% sure they're triops? That seems really strange to me. Other types of critters like copepods aren't that uncommon though.

Splinter492 03-22-2010 04:12 PM

yeah iv raised triops before and theyr exactly like that and they keep getting bigger. but they could be copepods ill have to wait and see when they get a little bigger

redchigh 03-24-2010 02:48 PM

I suppose triops are possible...
their eggs can stay dormant for decades..

Again, unlikely... but possible.
I'm kinda jealous. I wanted to grow triops in my 5G

I think I'm gonna do shrimp instead tho.

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