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Sylverclaws 05-12-2014 12:16 PM

Sylvers Fry Updates - Livebearers(pics)
I'm starting a new area here for my babies and stuff, as they go hopefully.

Oh boy did I get a big batch this time! I actually had two females pop(in the last month I think I've had six or seven of my fish give birth, I am swamped for the Spring with possibly two more mollies, and two guppies about to pop soon too!). I got about 6-8 red calico swordtails from one girl, her first brood(she's about a year and a half old, born on New Years Eve year before last, and I bred her with a Brick Orange male, who was actually more red with a black tail)...and probably 70+ from my white and orange MM swordtail, she's got a lot of orange on her belly but the rest of her is white and black(bred with a male of like color but with less orange, only one orange dot on his belly and a full black sword), who actually popped about 50 a couple weeks ago and stayed rather large. Well now I know why, she wasn't fat, as I guessed she had a second brood growing. I am not sure how many I really got, but it was more than I had before. I'm estimating close to 70, AT LEAST! Both girls popped at the exact same time, I wasn't sure who did it. ^^;

Anywho, this is a photo I took when I moved them out of my homemade nursery net. I add in plants there so the mothers can give birth and not eat many young. The nets are large, a bit over a foot long and around 6-8 inches deep(I got tired of those tiny nets!), but alas, there were too many babies, so I emptied my nursery tank, moved about half the babies to that after moving a brood of mollies and guppies(about eight guppies, two platies, and 40 or so mollies) to my pool tank(73 gallons, using it to raise my rather large influxes of fry until they're big enough to be sold). Pool tank currently has her old brood in it, as well as 4-5 platies and 5-6 mollies. I am gonna need a bigger pool at this rate, even though I am dividing babies between my 10 gal and 55 gal. Planted tanks, good filtration, food and cleaning. =)

Anywho, onto the photos. I took these as I moved the babies to the other nursery, some of them anyways. What I have in the net is probably half of the new swordtails, maybe a tad more. The rest I left in the nets for now. Pardon the cuttlebone, snails and plant bits I got in there, also snagged a lone guppy(I had a molly, guppy and one white platy in there that I couldn't catch!). ^_^

Edit that I counted best I could from those photos, got around 67 I think...I'm thinking I got even more than I initially thought since that isn't even close to all of them. O_O;

dancelady 05-12-2014 03:21 PM

So you sell them -- to retailers, friends, business?
In a while, I may have half as many as you do, so where do you sell them? Will you ship them out? I have been looking at the Buddies Bags and such for this, and have no idea how they work. What does a breather bag do, does it have much water in it? And this protects the fish, as long as they are small with no sharp fins... (Does a swordtail have a sharp fin? I only have Mollies, so not worried about sharp fins...)

Does the charge for shipping and handling appx. $30+ for overnight really allow for safe travel with no DOAs? My problem is my fish could never be as beautiful as the specialists, so will just think of giving them to a local store. But if I ever order any, how good is it from someone like

Sylverclaws 05-12-2014 04:08 PM

I haven't started selling them yet, I'm hoping to have that set up soon, today if at all possible. I'm going to be shipping them, and it's my first time, but I'm researching safest ways to do so, I intend to have them in small boxes, well padded.

THESE babies wont be ready to go until waaay later this year. Next to platies, swordtails are the slowest growing livebearers, they can take a year just to pass the one inch mark. x.x I do, however, have some solar flares, and twin-bar solar flares ready to go that are about at the inch mark, some may be a bit bigger. They were born...uh, last Fall I believe. Also have plenty of mollies ready for new homes. lol If you want some, you better have a nice 30 gallon tank set up, they need a lot of room for a small number of them(3-5 in a 30 gallon long tank!), they can be vicious if cramped, or just plain get depressed and get ill and die. =/ Sweet fish otherwise...though males can be pretty nasty regardless, especially if there is another male. Sometimes they get on, but other times not so much, one of the only livebearers I know of that often do poorly in bachelor groups.

Romad 05-12-2014 04:56 PM

Love these pics!! All those eyes with tiny tails attached :)

dancelady 05-12-2014 07:25 PM

Sylverclaws, go look at this
At, you can get a great idea of how they pack and ship their fish. And, who has the breather bags for shipping. These seem to be a great help to keeping fish alive and happy in the process. I am quite interested in this, and may order some along the way. It is a much better way to handle the fish, and they describe how they pack them and how light the box is. Good luck with the selling, and keep me posted on your fish.

Sylverclaws 05-18-2014 04:54 PM

I wanted to show you guys one of the Yellow Cobra endlers I bred. He and his brothers were accidents...Initially I thought I just had female tigers to go with my males...turns out I was jilted a bit and the females are some kind of cobra endlers. Though it wasn't planned, I wanted to breed Tiger my personal opinion the Yellow Cobras came out MUCH prettier than the tigers.

Young yellow cobra male, you can also see one of my red/blonde tuxedo males and my green cobra mix female:

And here is what the tigers look like, they don't have as many markings...some did, just not this particular male I got in, also see my tux in the way again, and the tail of my black-bar mix(no idea what he really is, but I want more):

Recently about six of my females gave birth on the same day. I am hoping some are from my yellow cobras again, I'd like to see if they breed true with my cobra girls, and am also hoping that my black-bar mix got his genes in there. He looks EXACTLY like his father, the females his father bred with are the same kind of females I have now, though none are related to any of the males in the tank. I would love to breed more like him. He's the same size as most male endlers, real small, but his tail is an oddity. It's not fanned like a guppies, but the colors make it LOOK odd shaped, when in fact it is the same shape as most normal endlers livebearers(maybe a tad larger but it's nothing extreme). I just love those colors and his very sweet temperament. Just like dad. :3

You can see the male I'm talking about better here in this photo:

Sylverclaws 06-04-2014 06:28 PM

I got in some new fish today. Ordered six N-Class Black Bar Endlers. I intend to breed them and not mix any of my girls, though I may add a male to a group of mixed females I have in another tank...I wont be messing with their genes on any girls, I plan to breed some more pure strains, I just need to find a few more so I can open up the pool a bit so I get no inbreeding. They arrived about half an hour ago and I'm currently acclimating them. They are much younger than I thought they'd be, few days old for some, maybe a week on a couple others. Cute, really active and look healthy. I'll see about photos of them later. I have them in a ten gallon tank, or will when done being acclimated, that is well planted just for them. Few ghost shrimp in there too. They're so cute. =)

I love raising fry. This way I can also be in more control on their raising and immune systems too. I've noticed a lot of fish you get at shops will sometimes turn up noses at foods that are good for them, but if you start young, you can get them to eat a pretty good diet with lot's of options. For example, none of my store bough fish will touch blanched greens like romaine lettuce or zucchini. Not many anyways, fish I've raised tend to love the stuff though(although I admit some get a bit meh with the gourd foods like zucchini! LOL But most will nibble and eat off of it before the snails move in). I like to feed my fish fresh blanched greens and a few frozen foods on top of good veggie flakes, so it's always a bonus when you raise them on the stuff, they turn their noses up at less stuff.

Sylverclaws 06-04-2014 08:04 PM

Found some babies in my tank today. Likely a lot more in there, but they were born in the main 55 gallon tank. lol Hard to find all those kids, I think I got six or seven. Some are yellow-tail marbles, I think, the rest are from one of my mixed butterfly mollies, likely with a yellow tail marble. One of my girls was really fat the day before and is not any longer. She thins up and I find babies, so naturally I assume her. LOL One in there is sorta a red color, it's a platy that is about two weeks you see how huge those molly babies are. I have them temporarily in that breeder until the larger net is free, and once bigger they'll either go in the pool tank or the main tank. Photos aren't the best, sorry. I'll try to get more later. One is of them when I was moving them to the other tank, and the other is in the breeder. =) I'll also try to get you guys some of the endlers babies alter on, they'll be even harder to get photo of because not only are they small and quick, but they're in a very well planted ten gallon tank.

They look pale, but they have some orange and black markings like the mother, some do anyways, the rest are more of a cream color.

This is the mom of the butterfly mixes:

See a couple of them there. I'm not sure either is mom though, mom has a dark head and tail like the top one, she looks more silver than she is because of the flash, can't get good or semi-good photos without it. The rest of her is orange, but she does have some silver around the bottom of her belly and tail.

Sylverclaws 06-30-2014 10:18 AM

Well...I've moved some things around. Right now I have a pool full of fry in the basement. Mix of swordails, guppies, platies and mollies. Probably around 50.
I have a 55 gallon, with greatly reduced numbers of the same, I'd say I'm down to about thirty. =) Some are sub-adults or almost full grown fish(about ten), the rest are juveniles.
My ten gallon is now my shrimp tank with some fry in there for now. Guppy fry and five molly fry. All my clone guppies are in there. Not sure on their numbers, but I'm thinking anywhere from ten to twenty. They're very tiny! Have about ten ghost shrimp in there.
My other ten gallon has mixed endlers and two or three guppies. About eight fish...though someone gave birth to about a dozen fry, they'll be moved soon.
My twenty gallon is now my Pure Strain Endlers tank. Currently has my eight black-bar endlers fry in it. Can't see any markings on them as of yet, but most look to be female and getting their gravids, on three or so I can't see those spots and they're chasing the ones I think are female. Guess we'll see. Depending on how many of each gender, I'll be trying to find some more from a different breeder soon so I don't inbreed. 3-4 of the fry are bigger than the rest and are obviously much older by at least a week, the rest looked newborn when I got them, so hopefully they had different parents. There are also 3-4 ghost shrimp in there.
My blue crayfish, Baby Blue, passed away today, so I made the change, figured it'd be better for them to have more space anyways. It was a real bummer. I have been reducing snail numbers in all of my tanks...I did not realize he was eating almost solely on those, I always put food in for him and didn't realize he wasn't getting enough. I feel so bad. >< The only upside to it was more space for my endlers and an open tank for my random guppy fry and shrimp.
As for my outdoor pool, I started adding my mosquitofish to it slowly and just finished that up today. That pool is alllll plants, the mosquitofish will hopefully keep bug numbers down. I DID lose three of them to a wandering predator...I am not sure what, but it did some damage to the plants when it took some fish, the first four I added in, only one managed to escape with his life. I've since added even more plant cover, and a cave. And I also added my female gold gourami, she seems to get along with those nasty brats, they don't bother her. I hope it stays that way! She seems to be enjoying herself out's warmer in that area than I thought, so she'll be good, and she loves bugs too. I'll be supplementing their diet with fresh greens and larvae as well, just to be safe for now. My mosquitofish have already started breeding and popping kids. Several females came pregnant, got a few males later. Two or three females already popped, and the fry seem to be doing well after a few days with the parents...I'm sure I lost some to them, but many are hiding well and eating fine out of the plants.
Ah, my five gal, can't forget about Sprite the betta. =) She's doing well, growing and happy. There are two young platies with her for now. It started out as a temporary thing, still is since that tank can't hold them much longer with how fast they're growing. Soon as I work out a few more things, the platies will go back into the 55 gallon. I just want them to grow a bit more first and make space. One is a blue, the other is a pretty white calico. :3 The only calico I have left and I want her, so I've popped her in there. The betta leaves them alone completely, they've been together about a month or so now. Not even a nip to anyone, I love that, she'll make a good community betta if I ever decide to do that...just need proper tankmates that wont pick at her. Or not, I like her fine in her five gal. I clean it twice a week to keep down problems since their bioload is too much for a five gal...but since they're small the space is fine, for now.

And there's my update. Fry, and all tanks and pools. =) Expecting some more fry soon too, from a couple silver dalmatians and from my silver butterfly. One dalmatian and the butterfly are absolutely huge. c.c It's possible one of my shortfin harlequins may drop soon too...or maybe they're just fat, I honestly can't tell and think they may even be males.

Comp crashed last night when I was writing this, yay for it saving it! Lessee if I can finish that, got some more news to add anyways....

Yeah the harlequin ones are males. They're getting the boy parts. x.x Both of them, darn! Fat little monsters. They're constantly eating my fry if any are born in there, and do not care if I wave the net at them. =-=; Today I think TWO of my fish gave birth. One dalmatian slimmed up, and my Silver Butterfly is still popping babies. I can't catch them all, I just spent the last hour and a half doing just that and they're still coming. lol No idea how many I have...considering how big, and yet how tricky they are, I think I only managed to catch 15-20, they're hiding well, I moved all the good spots out so they can get in, but the adults can't. They are BIG babies, as expected from mollies of her size...the butterflies anyways, I think the smaller ones are from my much smaller dalmatian. lol Unfortunately...I killed one. T_T I got so good at catching them without harm I think I got careless. He tries to slip around the net as I pulled it up. Poor kid! He was pretty too, looked like he'd be white with odd black marks around his body...he looks kinda panda-y, some others kinda do too. That'd be neat, I hope they come out that way but I doubt they'll stay like that. Any I get with oddball colors usually get darker or lighter as they come out of fry-hood, though some keep those colors others lose them by going black or gold dust. lol

Anywho, good stuff. Hopefully all those hiding spots I added to the main tank will do their job, most seem to be.

Sylverclaws 06-30-2014 04:35 PM

My Silver Butterfly Molly finally popped. I got some photos of the babies. =) Some may or may not be silver dalmatians too. I think the ones that are a tad darker in color might be. They're big, aren't they? I've found butterflies and larger lyretail mollies tend to have some huge babies, nearly twice the size of the smaller type molly newborns.

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