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dancelady 05-12-2014 10:42 AM

New babies, Bronze(?) Cory Cats
This morning I took out my Catfish eggs in the baby tank (covered small container with panty hose) in with the other Molly babies. And there are 4 new Cory babies which surprised me immensely. So I put them in 2 G by themselves and fed them. They are swimming and looking healthy so far.

I have never even thought about trying to hatch the eggs, but just because I saw them on the glass in my community tank, I figured I would remove them and put them where they had a chance of hatching. There are still many more eggs, and these look pretty good, too. As they develop, I hope I don't lose them, they are certainly teeny-tiny, much smaller than the livebearing Molly babies. I will put them all in a separate tank 5G when the babies are big enough, and the parents can't eat them.

I am feeding them Hikari First Bites, what else should I prepare for them and at what stage would it work?

Sylverclaws 05-12-2014 12:27 PM

Algae wafers, nice high quality ones. Once they get soft the babies should be able to feed on it, you can suck out left-overs. You can also probably give them baby brine shrimp(the frozen stuff, live may work)...and MAYBE daphnia, but they could be too small for that now. Later it'll be good. Blanched broccoli stems, high in calcium and good for them, when soft they can nibble on those, blanched kale...although even blanched it can be tough so that can wait.

Remember they're catfish, they need more than just algae. :3 If you can get them to eat baby brine shrimp and feed on broccoli stemps that should help them grow nice and strong, balanced out with other tasty plant stuff they can eat.

Spirulina is also good. I believe they have some in hikari first bites, but I can't recall. Almond leaves will grow insuforia that are little living organisms they can feed on at the newborn stage and later too.

And by the way, congrats! I tried to breed my cories...a lot of them would flirt, but I never got any eggs. Lucky you, it seems to happen the most to those not trying to breed them. LOL

dancelady 05-12-2014 02:00 PM

Hikari First Bites ingredients
Using a magnifying glass, I found that there is fish meal, krill meal, spirulina, yeast, soybean meal, wheat flour, etc. in it, so it is good for eggs that hatch. I will go and get some baby brine shrimp to also feed them. But I have some bloodworms (mosquito larva?) -- can I crush that or make a slurry -- ha, how would I ever see them eat this? If I made a slurry, I could pop a tiny bit in with the hatchlings. But, I also have something from Tetra that is called TetraNature Algae Enhanced Gel Mix which is a kind of slurry in a pouch, and it falls to the bottom. It is 9% Protein, and has Fish meal & Nori algae as the main ingredients. I think this should also work for the tiny hatchlings.

Funny about the eggs, before I realized that the white things were eggs, I would have cleaned them off when working on the tank. But I googled catfish eggs, saw what they looked like, so was aware when I saw them. These 2 males made it easy to see when she was laying, so I followed her around while she was doing it. But you know, if you had more than one female, the other one could have eaten up every egg in a few minutes, you would never have seen them. Darn rivalry!

Sylverclaws 05-12-2014 04:18 PM

Glassworms are mosquito larvae. =) Good stuff. Bloodworms should be a very rare treat for any fish.

As for mushing them up...I wouldn't risk it, the babies may choke. best to give things like baby brine shrimp and spirulina for now(powdered stuff can be found at some stores or online, almond leaves, or indian catapa leaves will provide food as well and can be found online). For now stick with the little stuff and powdered stuff. Algae wafers break down pretty quick in water and should also be alright, hikari first bites is certainly alright. All these small foods are messy, so be sure you clean up as best you can once they're done eating. =)

dancelady 05-19-2014 11:30 AM

Update on ~ 15-20 Corys
My Cory catfish babies are still alive, most have gone into the cave thing during the day, but they are getting more visible as time goes on. Soon I will not have to use the magnifying glass to see them lol.

dancelady 05-26-2014 06:31 AM

Cory babies finally able to see LOL
Today I looked at them and actually saw at least 3 with the naked eye. Man, they are so small! But I fed them again, and watched 3 eating away. There is enough debris on the bottom from the moss parts all over everything, that they are hard to see. But I'm not cleaning up the moss because it has some good minute food for them. They look like teeny fish at least, and not smudges. Snail isn't doing much in there -- hangs on the vertical glass instead of the bottom -- but it hasn't messed with the fish. If anyone wants to raise these cats, you will need a tank with nothing in there but these hatchlings, they would be fast food for any other fish. (oldest babies are now 2 weeks old)

dancelady 05-31-2014 01:22 PM

Snail finally cleaning up -- can see 4 Corys
When I looked in this morning, the snail actually cleaned up most of the bottom and the debris all over everything. So I could see 4 Corys now, 3 large enough to see with the naked eye, eating and moving around. I probably was wrong on the 15, maybe it was just the moss debris that looked like babies. They finally do look like miniature catfish and not tiny blobs. They are now at least 19 days old, maybe a couple more days. I didn't see them hatch out as new babies (are you kidding -- very teeny). I have now started giving them the liquid slurry called Tetra Algae Mix along with the Hikari First Bites and shrimp. All looks good so far. In another week, I might be able to add some decor to their tank, so it won't be so bare; there are some Hornwort and philodendron floating in there, but haven't seen any action with the plants yet. This is all new to me, if I can do this, anybody can...

Sylverclaws 05-31-2014 02:55 PM

Right on. And yeah, snails make nice cleaners sometimes. =)

dancelady 06-04-2014 02:49 PM

More Corydoras eggs... will try to hatch them
Today I went out and came back to a whopper bunch of catfish eggs. Apparently they are now happy with the environment and want to reproduce again. The first time I only got 4 that hatched, probably because I really didn't know what to do. I wasn't going to save these -- but think I will try one more time. Instead of leaving them to the other catfish & Mollies to eat, I will try to hatch out some again. This time I have the catfish tank (with the 4 already big enough to see now), so why not try it again? Snail is doing a good job with the cleaning, have some new heaters, and have an air bubble already to keep the eggs from getting mold on them. Now my question is, will the tiny babies try to eat any of the eggs? Way different sizes, but who knows. If you have any idea, let me know.

dancelady 06-11-2014 09:58 PM

Catfish doing well, but lots of algae around
My Corydoras are doing very well, growing and looking like real catfish. I haven't cleaned in there, letting the snail do the work, but because I put some pieces of Hornwort and some philodendron to provide some extra food for the catfish, it is getting rather green in there. The catfish look fine, don't seem to mind the greenish tint to the water, but now I am having a problem seeing the babies on the bottom. Is this OK, there may be some smaller babies, so I can't clean here? What does one do with possible teeny babies hidden in middle of the algae? I have seen tanks in stores like this, but never had it in my own tanks. I do check the condition of the water, and it is good, just don't know how to handle the hidden-in-algae situation.

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