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Falina 03-07-2007 11:51 AM

pictus catfish
anyone know anything about pictus catfish? went to my local fish shop to buy gravel, plants etc for my new tank and fell in love with one, but id obviously like to know more before definitely getting him. the fish shop owner said he shouldnt grow any bigger than 5 or 6" is this right? ive got a 30g tank so if thats right that should be plenty room for him aye?

xingumike 03-08-2007 02:40 AM

whats the footprint of the tank? i would probably say not tbh.

they like to be in groups (although can be kept singly) and are very very active (my gf has one in a 4 foot set up and i still dont know if it has enought room to swim). What other fish have you in there? For two reasons, one it will outcompete pretty much anything in there for food, they are lighting quick and secondly smaller fish will be a target as soon as they can fit in the pictus' mouth.

Falina 03-08-2007 04:32 AM

800 x 350 x 450 mm. gutted if theres not enough room for him but glad i asked because like i said i was worried the fish store just wanted a sale. theres no other fish in it just now because its just new and im running it for a couple of weeks before anything goes in it. the fish i was considering (though clearly not all of them, just some thoughts just now):

black widow tetras
sailfin mollies
angel fish (though i think they might outgrow if so this isnt likely)
a common pleco (only 2" just now, this wont be his permanent home)

these are just some thoguhts at the moment. im not yet decided and am open to suggestion. are there any other catfish youd recommend then if hes too big?

30 british gallons = 38 american gallons i THINK btw just in case that makes a difference (hopeful thinking i guess though)

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