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twocents 03-19-2010 12:10 PM

2 Platy Fry plain sight now..
Looks like these little guys are actually going to make it. I thought I saw one a week or so back, but it was gone when I tried to fish it out with a net.
The 56 gallon went 'online' about the end of January, but I think these (this) platys (platy) has babies on a regular basis. In the 20 gallon there wasn't enough hiding room even though there were plants and decorations. Last night I saw one of the little platies being chased by one of my new glofish. Don't know what the glofish thought it could do: it did not appear to be large enough to scarf the fry. The fry eluded the glofish easily. This morning (Mar 19) I noticed this little fry along with another one nosing about the bottom of the tank. They are large enough (in their minds perhaps: the mollies I think have large enough mouths) to start to emerge from hiding. They are just the cutest thing going. Meanwhile, the molly baby is growing up in its net enclosure. It is now 2 weeks old + so I think it has a good chance of growing up.

However, this may be the only time I can shield fry: otherwise I will be up to my ears in fish.

Mean Harri 03-19-2010 02:31 PM

Yo. Sup 2 cent? Sounds p cool. Keep us up wit' da' fo' one one. Peace out

twocents 03-19-2010 04:42 PM

Will do. .. thanks MH.

I am not sure exactly which platy is supplying the fry (she's done it before in the smaller tank) but I have my suspicions as she gets fat and then thinner. She just does not give any indication when she's gonna drop. I honestly think she just goes about her business and 'lets go'. Doesn't hide, doesn't see corners, etc as far as I can tell.

If these little bitties make it, it will be the first for me where I haven't been able to segregate the momma.

redchigh 03-19-2010 05:41 PM

Which fish do you think eats the fry?

I'm wondering because I need to buy a few for my guppy tank.
Too many survive. :/

Maybe a bunch of ghost shrimp would do....

twocents 05-12-2010 01:50 PM

Update: Those two platy are now almost grown. I have a home for them and I'm gonna have to 'fish' them out and give them away. There are also now about 10 babies, molly & platy in the tank. I bought a 29 gallon tank. I was going to put an angelfish in there (also useful in these applications) but installed an Oscar instead. That should handle the population explosion, save for the ones in the tank. I will have to devise some sort of fry-trap. The filter also traps some of them.
Needless to say, the Oscar is pleased with the arrangements.

biokid101 05-12-2010 07:57 PM

awee thats good that everything worked u have pics?

twocents 05-13-2010 10:04 AM

Thanks, but I'mj gonna have to read up on posting pics here. I don't know if I have to have the pics on another website somewhere.

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