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that Fish Guy 03-18-2010 12:05 AM

Fish always eat my Plants and they wither away
Hi, I have had a 29 Gallon Freshwater Tank for a few Years.

I hate the Plastic and Silk Plants but everythime I buy Real Plants they wither away and die or get eated ot both.

What is most important in my Upgrade?

1. Lighting
2. Dirt
3. Fertilizer
4. CO2 System

Of the 4 things listed above can you please tell me which is most important so I can upgrade and actually keep my plants.

Is there anything I left out?

Thanks in advance.

Angel079 03-18-2010 09:08 AM

Welcome to the Forum!

A lot of times plants come in poor quality at the pet store; a good quality source of pants you'll find right here

Having specialized dirt is not necessary; I just use fine grain gravel or sand. Also dep on your source water add fert is not needed. CO2 is not needed cause I'm gonna assume you have fish in this tank and that's your co2 source right there. Feel free to check out my tanks here they're all set up with gravel/sand, no add ferts, low lights and no co2 and I'd want to say the pictures speak for themselves

Now the soul most important thing is indeed lights: For plants to thrive you need something that closely resembles the natural daylight outdoor for that they sell full spectrum lights that are rated with 6500 Kelvin. You can find these very bulbs pretty inexpensively at Lowes, Homedepot, Walmart by brands such as GE (my fav) Phillips or Bright effects. Buy your size and for a 29g if you have a t8 tube over the tank something around 15-20 watts and you're set. Often people fall for "need more watts" and that's a serious problem because under too much lights plants will indeed melt; naturally they're home in rivers that are sheltered by forests so that does not have the intensity of a 100-200watt light you see.

Hope this helps for the moment. There's many wise people on here that will gladly walk you through converting your "plastic" set up to live plants and you sure won't regret the set cause it will look real awseome:-)

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