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Freddy 03-17-2010 11:34 PM

Injured angelfish, probably near death
I came home from a 3 day vacation today, and my little sister pointed out that one of my angelfish was stuck to the filter tube. I quickly removed it from the tube, thinking it was dead, but it started struggling in my hand and I let it go. To my horror, one side of the fish is wrinkled in the shape of the filter tube, so I think it's been there for a while. My dad and little brother stayed home, so I don't know how they could have missed it. This particular angelfish has always been sickly, with contracted fins, and it always hung at the surface, occasionally diving down to hide behind something. Now it's drifting around, out of control when it tries to swim anywhere near the filter output, and is hanging at the surface. I fed all of the fish, and they excitedly took the food from the surface. The injured one tried to take some food, but it's drifting and sometimes swimming sideways. I'm giving it until morning, but I don't think the poor thing will make it. Earlier it was laying sideways on the bottom under a plant.:-(

Freddy 03-18-2010 03:35 PM

Yep. I checked the tank this morning, and it was lying on the gravel in a corner, motionless. So now it's just 1 white, 2 koi, and 1 blue smokey. I think the koi and blue angels are hardier than the white ones, or maybe the white ones are just koi angels that should have been culled because they're too weak to even show proper coloring. The kois are showing a brassy sheen, so maybe the pet store had it all wrong. But I've been thinking all along that since the breeders usually keep the best for themselves, if you start breeding angels, you'll always have the best of the worst. Or just the best of the rest. I just hope my lfs buys their angels from reputable breeders and not some guy who keeps angels in his basement and couldn't care less about their health.

kelly528 03-19-2010 11:08 AM

Have you tried looking for angels locally? A local aquarium forum is usually a good bet. I am a member of BC Aquaria, the provincial aquarium forum for BC and the plants and livestock are always superb... they have been 'babied' way more than what's possible for breeders or pet stores.

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