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KSASTER2 03-16-2010 04:54 PM

Tiny particles in my water....
Very tiny particles in my water from the stuff I cleaned off my glass. It seems my Aqua Clear sponge isn't filtering it out. I went to the LFS and they told me to buy that crystal clear stuff to make the particles bigger so the filter would pick them up. As I have read hear many many many times don't add chemicals to the water unless nessecary. So instead I bought a water polishing insert for a fluval filter (it says its for FINE particle removal)and stuck it in my filter. Any thoughts? Better ideas. The particles are harmless just something that was growing on my glass i scraped off.

iamntbatman 03-16-2010 06:31 PM

How long has it been? Sometimes it can take a while before a filter can effectively remove a lot of floating particulate. I wouldn't use the water clarifier.

KSASTER2 03-16-2010 06:43 PM

its been about 4 days... i went with the fluval pad instead of the chemicals... i'll have to wait and see if it works. any other ideas? my water is definatly full of tiny stuff. probably just patience will resolve this

manny727 04-07-2010 09:46 PM

i like to use the 50 micron filter pads on a high flow filter mine is a fluval fx5 rated at 900 gph for my 125 planted tank it works wonders but it gets cloged fast. im working in a DIY inline water polisher with a 3 inch pvc pipe and filter pad stiched into a sock.

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