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sericinda 03-16-2010 10:51 AM

Stocking questions for 55 brackish
I just moved my parrotfish to their new 120 gallon tank and am converting their old 55 home to a brackish setup for a red scat someone is going to kill if I don't take it.

I will upgrade this tank someday for them, but I want stocking suggestions for right now. I'm interested in scats, dragon gobies and figure eight puffers, but...a few questions.

Will the puffers be compatible with the goby and the scats? I read a lot of mixed opinions on this, want some personal advice.

How many scats can live for how long in a 55 gallon? I planned on just the one, but I know they are a schoaling fish and am debating getting at least 2 more.

I really want the dragon goby, but I'm worried about the puffers picking on him since they are such a mild mannered fish. Also, I currently have gravel in the tank, but have 2 buckets of a finer substrate (not quite sand but close, a Caribsea product) I can switch out if absolutely necessary. Do dragon gobies do ok in gravel? It is a normal sized gravel, not large. There are hiding spaces for him.

How would YOU stock this tank if it were yours? The only fish so far that is non-negotiable is the red scat as I know this guy will just flush this fish if I don't take him and I have the means to upgrade when he gets older but want to hold off on that for awhile as I just spent a lot on my parrot upgrade so want to stock reasonably.

The tank has good filteration....a 75g marineland bio-wheel and a 30g Pennplax canister filter.

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