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HardCory 03-15-2010 05:42 PM

ANOTHER Protein Skimmer Recommendation
I know every one and their mother is asking for skimmer suggestions but I just had to jump on the band wagon after DAYS of looking stuff up. I have a 92 Gallon corner tank with about a 3" sand bed. In habitants include bothe fish and inverts (no corals, though). I'm looking to turn it into a reef (hard/soft corals, etc) soon. My BOYU Sump skimmer pump (haha...rhymes) just went on me after a power outage and I'm considering a new/better skimmer as opposed to just getting a new pump. Any suggestons? I'm also open to (if they're worth it and a reasonable price) a whole new wet/dry filter that has a skimmer (and maybe a section for a refugium) built in. Thanks!

onefish2fish 03-16-2010 03:36 AM

dont get a wet/dry filter as a sump. these are small and over-priced. if your somewhat handy a DIY sump from a used fishtank ( or honestly any foodsafe container ) can be converted into a sump. an ASM2 would make a nice skimmer since your going to have a sump for it. i think theyre rated 200 gallons but IMO take half, plus you figure the volume of water in your sump..
you may want to remove or add alittle bit more sand so you dont have a 3 inch sandbed.

HardCory 03-16-2010 07:29 AM

Yeah, I really should build a sump. I've just always had a wet/dry and I really like he convenience (even though I'm probably ding more harm than good with the bioballs). As for the ASM 2...I looks real nice, but I just don't have $300+ cash right now. I'm probably going to end up buying it but I'm still intrested in other suggstions. And with the 3 a bad number? I'm just confused on why i should add OR remove sand out of my tank. Thanks!

wake49 03-16-2010 11:40 AM

3 is a bad number. It is one of the numbers between 1" and 4" that traps detritus and results in nitrate spikes. That is why OF2F is saying add or remove: remove sand til you have under 1", or add sand until you have 4-6". The 4-6" will help in denitrification, the 1" won't.

HardCory 03-16-2010 05:39 PM

No kidding! I honestly did not know that. Well I guess that's one more thing I can add to my long list for the LFS! Thanks for th heads up guys! By the by (not sure if I should put this in another thread, but) how do you feel about the Fluval FX5? My Cascade is just too loud and doesn't do enough for me. But I digress, any other ideas on in-sump skimmers?

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