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Super4Ever 05-05-2014 07:51 AM

My 36G Bowfront
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Hey everyone. I've been wanting to start a journal for a while now. They always seem like a fun read for me so hopefully you'll enjoy mine as well.

A little background on the tank. This tank was set up on April 1 using fish, media, decorations and water from my previous 20G tank that I had. I was hoping this would prevent any cycling issue but unfortunately it did not. Luckily those issue seem to be clearing up now. As time goes on I'll add any images I may take of various fishes or changes to the tank I have made.

To start, here is my original 20G tank. I had it for a few years. Still have the tank and stand, not sure what to do with it yet.
Attachment 349514

Next we have the new 36G Bow when it was set up on April 1st. Not sure why it comes up sideways on here. You can see my Pear Gourami in this picture that didn't make it. He was about 3 years old and I think the move was a bit too stressful for him.
Attachment 349522

That is how the tank stayed until around the 20th of April when I decided I need to change up the tank a little. I felt the my decor was lacking so I bought a nice big fake log and came up with this.
Attachment 349530

A few days later I decided I wanted to try my luck at live plants. I went out and purchased a Moss Ball and some Water Sprite. I also added a background. This was around April 26th.
Attachment 349538

The fish seemed to really enjoy the Water Sprite, even being so small. I could tell many of them made it a point to hang out by the live plant at least once during the day. So, being the creature of perpetual change that I am, I went out and bought some Java Moss and some Water Wisteria. I've had that in my tank for a few days and here is a picture of the tank as of yesterday, May 4.
Attachment 349546

You can already see the growth of the Water Sprite. And this is without any fertilizers. I was thinking about picking some fertilizer up though as the Water Wisteria looks like it could use a little help.

As always, comments, questions, criticisms are welcome. Requests of any fish or honestly whatever are welcome as well. Enjoy!

keepsmiling 05-06-2014 04:55 AM

The tank looks really nice. However I would suggest you find a more appropriate home for the angel. The tank just is not big enough for a full size angel.

Super4Ever 05-12-2014 11:29 AM

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Thank you for you opinion on the Angel as well as the compliments on the tank.

Okay here are some updated pictures on the tank. These were taken just a little while ago. Since of the last update I've added the following:

-Floating Water Sprite (added about a week ago)
-Chichlid stackable caves (two smaller ones added a few days ago, largest one added today)
-Java Fern (added today)

First up are two pictures of the tank:
Attachment 353521
Attachment 353529

And next up we have this lovely female Kribensis who is trying her best to get the Male to mate with her though he shows little to no interest.
Attachment 353537

As always, questions or comments welcome :)

Super4Ever 05-22-2014 10:36 AM

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Another update here today folks.

Had to do some rearranging as I really wanted to get a space for the Kribs to have on there own. Added some logs today, they absolutely love them. Also tied my Java fern to the fake log as well as relocated my water wisteria. Which, though it has an impressive root system doesn't seem to be thriving very well.

Attachment 359290

Attachment 359298

Attachment 359306

As always, feedback and comments welcome.

CM1429 05-23-2014 03:32 PM

Hey Super4Ever, the green trio of logs...what are those composed of? Your tank and fishes look awesome.

Super4Ever 05-23-2014 11:48 PM

I got them at petco. Seem to be ceramic with the fake moss attached. My female krib loves it.

Super4Ever 06-23-2014 11:45 AM

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Just wanted to add a new update. I have so many fish in this tank right now. I'm going to have to upgrade eventually. Everyone seems to be doing great. And oh man the plant growth. As always, questions, comments are welcome.

Attachment 379018

Attachment 379026

aussieJJDude 06-24-2014 06:06 AM

Loving the plant growth! :-)
You might as well upgrade now, that way you really can get the plants growing ;-)

Super4Ever 06-24-2014 07:29 AM

In a couple months I plan on upgrading to a 125g. Very excited!

aussieJJDude 06-26-2014 05:11 AM

I excited and looking forward to the pics! :-)
With the 125g, the possibilities are endless!

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