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Herbicide 03-15-2010 12:21 AM

Twiddling my thumbs and waiting for guppy mama
I've had this female guppy for 14 days and she was already plenty preggers when I bought her.
Every time she poops I get all excited and then I realize... it's not a baby.
I only have 1 male and 1 female (I know I know, I should have more females), and he chases her around all the time. Do you think that's stressing her out too much? Should I move him? He's kind of a pain in the butt.

TankMAster 03-15-2010 02:41 AM

If you want her and they fry to live, he should be moved. Guppy fry are small buggers and can easily be eaten. A picture of her will give us some idea of when she will drop. If she looks like she is going to pop, she is holding back fry, waiting for a safe time.

fryup 03-15-2010 02:49 AM

when a female is giving birth the baby kinda fires out.....but you see it moving along the bottom of the female as its on its way.....where as a poo would take longer (sorry)...hope this helps

welshboy 03-15-2010 05:43 AM

Hi' When she starts giving birth there will be little ones every where.One of my female guppie had around 50 young ones plus i have 6 more waiting to give birth i at to put those i another tank.And the babies are in a 2FT tank.Mark

Herbicide 03-15-2010 10:41 PM

Can I put her in a breeder net?
I'd put him in there to avoid stressing her but she's in a community tank and I think my dwarf gouramis would probably eat the fry.

Herbicide 03-15-2010 11:19 PM

biokid101 03-16-2010 07:44 PM

wow that female will give birth today tomorrow or the next day the least!

Herbicide 03-16-2010 08:02 PM

I sure hope so!
She's looked like that for a while though :\
But maybe now that she's safe in a breeder net? She's eating normally (like a piggy actually). I just don't know.

Herbicide 03-16-2010 08:50 PM

She is just pooping non stop. Literally non-stop. And I actually saw her eat her own poop, without spitting it out.
I don't know what's wrong with this freakin' guppy!

fryup 03-17-2010 06:30 AM

dont move the female this could cause her to miscarry ....just catch the babys when they com

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