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redchigh 03-14-2010 08:18 PM

Moving plants around the tank...
Alrighty, all of this is pertaining to my 10G Guppy tank which was recently planted.

I'm thinking I need to aquascape a bit, since some things have changed shape and/or arre growing faster than expected.
Sorry, no pics. Don't have a decent camera. :/

Anyways, I was wondering what will do best in a downward current?
(I have a HOB filter, and although there's very little, if any, surface movement, there is a strong downward current from the flow out of the filter.)

Is there anything that will be able to handle the current?
I was thinking maybe my Water Wisteria (Hygrophilia Difformis) or Corkscrew Val?
My current Setup is:

Cabomba Carolina, Rotala Indica, Ludwigea Natans, Vallisneria (corkscrew) along the back (from left to right)

With a few stems of Anarchis and Hygrophila Difformis as a middleground plants.
I have an Aponogeton Crispus as a centerpiece (the current keeps moving the floating leaves around, so now they're braided and twisted together, but it's kind of cool-looking. )
I keep my stargrass weighted down (every few nodes it's buried in gravel) so it makes a lovely carpeting plant until my dwarf baby tears comes in.

I have Mexican Oak leaf in the front left corner, and hornwort in the front right. The area around the filter (a little less than 1/4th of the tank) is empty.
Anything I can put there?

I also want to move the hornwort to the back, maybe let it trade places with the vallisneria?
(Does vallis usually take a while to start growing? Seems to be growing the slowest of everything.)
I also have some rocks... but I want to keep them towards the middleground.
Are there any plants I should keep in the brighter parts of the tank? (There's not any part noticable brighter, so it wouldn't be a huge difference.)
Or should I keep some of the plants somewhat distant from the others to make sure they get enough light?

Sorry for this long post- everything (except the vallis) has put on a ton of new growth- I probably shouldn't be complaining.)

Byron 03-15-2010 01:58 PM

Your question on plants next to the filter is being covered in the other thread, so won't repeat myself here. B.

Angel079 03-15-2010 06:26 PM

All I can tell you since I moved my plants around and put the Ludwigea RIGHT by the spraybar they are much more vivid in coloration and much nicer glossier leaves and also larger leaves then they grew before; they sure like that spot a LOT better then the no-flow spot.

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