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Wiggyl 05-02-2014 02:29 PM

Endlers overeating?
Hey all, I added 9 male endler's livebearers to my 20gal a couple of weeks ago and I'm worried they might be overeating.

My tank is heavily planted and they're constantly picking at the plants. They only get pellet food once a week for some protein in their diet. I was looking at them today and I still noticed that one in particular looked like his belly was pretty round, like he had eaten too much.

I don't feed them much as it is. I assume they're getting enough to I need to change anything? How do other people handle their little fat fishies?


Sylverclaws 05-02-2014 10:22 PM

So wait, you only feed them once a week? That's not enough.

Livebearers often forage, but they don't get enough from just that in most home aquaria. You should be feeding them a minimum of once per day. Small amounts, don't over-feed.

Being thin is one sign of starving, however a swollen belly can be another sign of starvation.

Make sure you're really feeding them enough and properly cleaning up after them so they aren't eating rotting food from the bottom, that can give them parasites, internal bacterial infections among other things.

Wiggyl 05-02-2014 10:31 PM

At first I was feeding daily, but a few of them started to get swollen bellies. The only one that still has a big belly since reducing feeding is one of the bigger ones and I've seen him grab food from under the ADF's nose every couple of days.

I only "feed them" once a week, but they get other food from being thieves and scavengers. They forage for plant material and tend to pick up a bit more from some food that my ADF misses (a couple frozen worms or shrimp). I really have a ton of plants and I'm sure they aren't starving, they also love picking at a bulb that hasn't sprouted yet.

When I do feed, I crush up a couple of flakes so that all of them can get at least one mouth-sized piece. Most of them will get 2-3, but some are slower and only get one.

The tank is cycled and I've been doing 50% weekly cleanings, so they aren't getting rotting food.

Wiggyl 05-02-2014 10:54 PM

3 Attachment(s)
First photo is a normal looking one, one of the bigger ones though.

Second one is them crowding for ADF feeding. They fought over two little bloodworm pieces that got away from me. My ADF is really skinny, I feed him twice daily. It's normal for some of the endlers to get a couple of runaway worms.

Third photo is has the pudgy one I'm concerned about. He's between the first photographed endler and my betta. You can see he's much rounder. Maybe he's still within healthy range?

Wiggyl 05-02-2014 11:00 PM

Sorry for the triple post q=

If that's still within normal range, I can feed them more. I guess I was just worried about them getting rounder, since bloat is a really common problem with bettas that can lead to worse things.

I've only had them 3 weeks, so I fed them daily for one week, every other day for the second week, and then pretty much fasted them a week and fed them today.

Since they have trouble starving to death but overeating is super easy to do, I was being conservative.

henningc 05-04-2014 12:34 AM

I have 4 different lines of Endlers and somewhere in the range of 300 individuals. The Endlers you beleive is fat looks like he has a rear spinal issue. They are obviously guppy crosses, and that tends to significantly increase the rate of deformity.

I use strip tanks, water, sponge and corner filters and fish. I have snails and a few corys in each tank as well. The Endlers eat like pigs and I feed them four times daily. Each feeding is flake food and either BBS or microworms. Mine are fine and eat everything as there is no substrate to obscure my veiw. Endlers are high energy fish and it sounds like you'res are eating a lot of substrate and other stuff due to the lack of food. I've never heard of someone feeding them pellets and only use pellets for cichlids and goldfish.

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