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La Reina 03-13-2010 09:27 AM

I lost one of my long time fishy friends the other night, (Brownnose the Platy) and I would like to replace him with one or two (If they need a friend) Lyre Tail mollies. Do you think they would be happy in my tank with danios, platys, and a dwarf gourami? According to fish compatibility charts they should be ok.

Here's another question, do I get a breeding pair? It would be neat to raise some fry but I don't have anyehere for them to go as adults.... They'd likely end up as protein for my gourami.

Austin 03-13-2010 02:18 PM

I know they should be fine with the danios, platies, and mystery snail, and I think the dwarf gourami.. Should be fine but im not sure if gouramis/danios and livebearers (too late you already got platies so ya) need different water parameters.

Depending on the male you could get a male and a female if you want. Some males are much more... pushy... sexually than others... so if you get a male and female, if you end up with the male constantly harassing the female then you might need another female...

You could also get 2 females. They'll likely be pregnant from the fish store and will give birth to several drops of fry before they run out of stored sperm.

Or you could just get 2 males. Males often have longer more pretty fins, and since your not looking to raise the fry you could go this route.

La Reina 03-13-2010 07:26 PM

I bought a breeding trio (one male, two females) of the silver variety. They'll add some nice contrast to my tank and I'm super excited to get some babies.

For the water parameter difference, all of the different species seem to be happily coexisting. I must've been lucky and hit a happy medium.

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