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redchigh 03-12-2010 04:47 PM

minimum requirements for a snail tank
I'm getting some snails (MTS, ramshorns) for my tanks but I noticed that two of my tanks aren't good for snails right now-

One has guppies... I've never seen them pick on a snail, but I've found a dead snail and they seem to be trying to climb out of the tank even after water changes.
I placed a few in a tank with Green Terror fry- needless to say, they've dissappeared.

and my 5G planted is having huge ammonia spikes and I want the plants to have time to absorb any micronutrients that might be in the soil substrate so they don't kill the snails (iron, copper, zinc, etc)

Could I just put them in a jar (approx 1G) full of dechlor'ed water for a couple days to a week?

Everyone says they need a heater, but since people have also let their gravel dry out in their basement and snails came back, I'd imagine it (a heater) is not neccesary.
Would I need an airstone or would a large clump of hornwort oxygenate the water enough? (enough to cover the water surface with a few inches of floating hornwort)

Angel079 03-12-2010 04:57 PM

I can only speak from my exp here with pond snails, MTS yaddy ya.... I have all my "extra's" in a 3g with normal gravel & plants & lights; that is it. I don't do no daily w/c I don't have a heater nadda...and judging by the activity, the shells, the new eggs - They're doing great!

Now you also gotta watch if they die on you and or you see soft shells/ holes etc - They have calcium deficiency and its not your fish to blame there :-)

So yea any good sized water place with some plants will do, no air stone no heater and maybe exchange a cup or two of water every so often (dechlorinated of cause); just BE SURE you use something that you can put a lid on or else you will find them on the wrong side of the water after the night!!!

redchigh 03-13-2010 11:12 AM

How many could I fit in a smallish container?
(a 2 liter bottle with the top cut off)
I'm getting about 2 dozen MTS from SA.. (yep, I ordered from them again. lol.)

I could put a few in the guppy tank and the 5G, but I want a stockpile in a seperate container in case they won't survive in my other tanks right now.

The calcium issue- I've read in a couple places now that chalk is excellent for that. I'll place a stick of chalk in the 2-liter bottle. (chalk is the same as Caltrate, and many places reccomend dosing a tank with caltrate to help the inverts)

So... would a 2-liter container be enough?
(I probably won't use any gravel... is it really neccesary?)

Angel079 03-13-2010 03:26 PM

I hear ya I just ordered some more (other) plants too LOL
Temporarily I'd put them all in that bottle/ jug with dechloriated water - Just wouldn't leave them in there for monthS on end. And make sure you cover the top there or they WILL climb out!!! Now I got bunch stuff for sale here but a small tank for ya ain't one of the things LOL

They'll survive w/out gravel but to be nice and given the fact they LOVE digging themselves into the gravel toss them a lil rocks in there :-) Just be a nice person.

Donno about chalk never tried it but Tums (you know the stuff for humans) sure work wonders :-)

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