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sdcindy 03-06-2007 11:13 AM

My Cory Catfish keeps swimming to the surface
I have a Cory Catfish purchased 3 days ago in a 10 gallon freshwater tank with 5 other fish (3 mollies and 2 platys). He/she keeps swimming to the top of the tank. I can't tell if he is gulping air or searching for food. I have a Whisper 5-15 filter and an additional airstone. The temperature is 78-80 degrees. The water chemistry is fine. Is this anything to be concerned about?


Trishfish 03-06-2007 11:28 AM

Is he all by himself? Corycats like their own company. Usually a minimum of four in a group depending on the kind. He may be feeling stressed. If you can't add more corys you might want to return him.

tophat665 03-06-2007 03:15 PM

Cories occasionally go to the surface for air. This is nothing to worry about unless it happens a lot. I've got a tank with 12 pygmy cories in it, and that's the only time I ever see them, when they come to the surface. I also have a tank with 5 albino bronze cories, and I tend to see one of them go for a sip of air every hour or two.

Now if you'r cory is sipping air more than once an hour, then you need to get more water movement and more air in the water, but it's probably not a problem.

Falina 03-06-2007 06:48 PM

i have 6 cories and occasionally i see them doing the same thing - going to get a wee gulp of air. has she/he got hiding places? i heard that they will do fine on their own as long as they have places to hide but having always had the 6 of them i dont know for sure.

my cories are all very active. theyre supposed to be bottom dwellers but with mine this is not often the case at all. they are at the top and in the middle swimming about most of the time. very, VERY active little fish. they have hiding places, but all apart from one has no interest in them at all. so much so that the cave is now known as wilmas cave, as she (or in fact i now think she is a he) is the only one who uses it. is this normal? and if its not, is there anything to worry about?

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