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SeaHorse 04-30-2014 12:46 AM

SeaHorse's latest...
So I acquired this tank... it was sitting on my son's side porch for months. College students moved out and left it so I took it home. Some of you heard me talk about the tank at the top of the driveway that Hubby buried in a snow bank with the snow blower. I didn't manage to get it cleaned out before the first snow fall in November and it sat there for a very long time. Well according to the algae green water it seems to be holding water. Yes those are cigarette butts in there.

Cleaned it out with vinegar and scrubbed it too with a scrubby. It's up on it's end out in a rain storm now. But I measured it and SCORE! It's 36 x 12.5 x 18.25 so it's a 35 Gallon. That's big enough to go on my L shaped desk in my office and try either Pea Puffers or maybe.... my very first SW tank. Gasp. So excited.

jaysee 04-30-2014 01:39 AM

That's an awful big tank for pea puffers :-)

Romad 04-30-2014 04:13 AM

Yay! A new tank to play with.

Am excited for you.

SeaHorse 04-30-2014 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by jaysee (Post 4387738)
That's an awful big tank for pea puffers :-)

I could do like.... 6? or what is the next sized Puffer I could consider? Obviously it needs to be a breed specific tank right? Oh, and it will be fully live planted all the way if I go FW. I gave one VT Betta a 45 Tall once. He loved it, just like yours liked the 125G!!

jaysee 04-30-2014 09:18 AM

If you're willing to go brackish, there are some cool puffers out there. I'm not really familiar with brackish fish, though I've watched a few puffers. They seem very interesting - very pet like. I think it's their slow deliberate movement and big eyes, makes them look like theyre thinking. Perhaps make it a specimen tank.

lionhead 05-01-2014 03:51 PM

Good luck, it's always exciting setting up a new tank..
Keep us posted..

Lucillia 05-03-2014 08:29 PM

Setting up a new tank is the best!!! Have fun! Keep us updated with lots of pictures!

SeaHorse 05-17-2014 06:12 PM

Now that it's been out in the rain... it needs cleaning all over again. Not sure what to do next with it!! Let's see if this will work...

jimscott 05-18-2014 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by jaysee (Post 4387738)
That's an awful big tank for pea puffers :-)

Room for expansion?

SeaHorse 05-18-2014 07:50 PM

I'm not sure what to do with it yet... It needs a top, filter, lights... everything... the budget isn't there right now. I DO have a spot cleared for it in my office tho. :lol:
There's a BIG community garage sale coming up in 3 weeks... gonna go shopping for other people's junk. :lol:

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