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Candee 03-11-2010 09:13 AM

Something attacking my fish
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A few months ago I had an outbreak of Ick but I did get that cleared up with medicine. The outbreak came when I introduced some loaches to my tank.
Now a few months later my fish started flashing (rubbing their bodies against the bottom) and some fish started to die with out any spots. This was the fist spot (in the attached picture) to show up on my Kuhli loach - he died not long after this picture was taken unfortunately. My upsidedown cat fish were starting to show blotches (not little spots like ick would) so I turned the temperature up to 84F and added some salt. No deaths for a week and spots on the catfish went away. Did a water change two days ago and noticed my catfish are flashing again today and saw more spots. I put the temperature up to 86F and added a bit more salt.
What can this be? What am I doing wrong? All my levels are good - my tank is a half year in the running. Water change 1-2 week @ 40% with vacuuming the gravel.

55 gal tank

5x upside down catfish
1x pearl gourami
3x kuhli loaches
2x yoyo loaches
9x cardinal tetra

aunt kymmie 03-11-2010 12:32 PM

Yikes, that looks pretty serious. Definitely not ich but I don't know what it is. Hopefully someone will chime in soon that can identify and give advice as to treatment.

Pep 03-11-2010 01:15 PM

Check out the pics I put in this thread.

Especially the ones on the 2nd page with my Rainbowfish. It is kind of hard to tell for sure in the pictures of your poor kuhli loach but it kind of looks similiar??

wh1989 03-11-2010 09:45 PM

Until you're absolutely positive what this is, you may want to stop adding salt. I don't keep loaches myself, but the information I've come across is clear on never using salt to treat them.

Looking at the photo, I'm guessing that you're not aging your water before you do the water changes. If you look at the top photo, you'll notice some tiny air bubbles along the base of the tail fin. There also appear to be some on the dorsal as well. This is one of the signs of gas bubble disease. If you're not aging your water, I recommend you start doing so. Try googling gas bubble disease for more info. For aging your water, just get a food safe plastic bin that will hold the appropriate amount of water(and will fit under your stand, or some other out of the way place). Put an airstone in it overnight, and a heater if necessary.

You mentioned blotchy skin on some of your other fish. That's likely an indicator of a bacterial problem. Bacterial infections can manifest as sores such as the one in the photo.

It also appears that the vent/anus on this fish is protruding (top photo). If you start to see white or stringy feces from any of your other fish, treat for intestinal parasites.

For any medications that you do chose, read the instructions carefully. Some medications cannot be used in full dosage when treating loaches and tetras. Good luck.

wh1989 03-11-2010 10:01 PM

BTW, call your water provider and ask if they are adding anything different to the water. Chlorine vs chloramine, etc. With snow melt, heavy rain, etc, they may be adding considerably more chemicals that is normal. Just a thought since you metion the issue with your cats starting soon after your water change.

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