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Aqua Jon 04-29-2014 12:02 AM

guppy puppies
So i made a great grab at my LFS. A pregnant female guppy who was about to burst! She didnt stress out too much from the trip home and gave birth to the 10+ guppy puppies not more than 2 days after acclimation. Could have as many as 30 :shock: They have hid in the floating plant roots and are growing and taking flake well. I will try and nab pictures if any are interested.

My questions are, as I've never had guppy fry before, how long until they grow and display gender/color? I've had them for a week about and the biggest at 1/4 inch are devouring ground up flake food and becoming more adventurous while avoiding some of the larger fish (3 inch).

Also, if I continue with the guppies spawning in the tank. Can I control what colors & patterns are produced by introducing outsider guppies?

Any advice & tips are appreciated.

RSVBiffer 04-29-2014 04:25 AM

Guppy fry can be sexed at about a week old and will show their full colours around 3 months. If you have multiple varieties in the tank you will have no control over the colour/forms that are produced as the males will see any female as fair game. It is worth noting that the female is likely to give birth again with no male in the tank due to the her ability to store sperm, several broods can be produced from a single coupling.

Aqua Jon 04-29-2014 09:50 AM

Thank you! I had no clue the female could store sperm and continue to birth... incredible.

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