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Allanira 04-24-2014 07:49 AM

Texas Cichlid food.
I am going to order a Texas Cichlid off the Internet. I've had them before and just flat out love them. I'm not talking about the red hybrid, or the green (carpentii) I'm talking about the beautiful big blue cyanoguttatus. I fed my last breeding pair cichlid pellets, frozen bloodworms and frozen beefheats. My question is because I have larger platys, Yucatan Molly s, and 2 Florida Crawdads in this tank can I feed my Cichlid and all the others SFBB Sally's Seaweed Salad? I know the Crawdads, Mollys and Platys need some greens in their diet. I just want to know if it's safe for them to eat. Right now I'm just feeding the tetra color enhancer flakes, and frozen bloodworms. I want to get as close to a natural diet as I can. I also have Endler's Livebearers, and a Florida Crawdad in my children's tank that I plan to breed for live cichlid food. Can they have the seaweed also? There are plenty of hides, and screening thanks to fake plants and decor for all the fish and I only got male mollys and platys in my big tank. My children love both tanks. When I get the baby it will be about 1.5 inches so it will be the smallest fish in the tank. Yes I know as it grows it will become the biggest. I will hopefully get a female but won't know till it's about 4 inches. I can't wait to get another Texas Cichlid. Thanks in advance.

jeaninel 04-24-2014 09:14 AM

Yes, veggies are fine for your Texas cichlid. You could also try a bit of zucchini once in awhile. Good luck with your fish and be sure to post pics. :-)
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Allanira 04-24-2014 11:06 AM

Good deal. I can't wait to order my new baby. I have to wait a little bit longer to let everyone else in here to get well adjusted so my show fish doesn't stress the, and it will need to figure out what territory is who's lol.

Allanira 04-26-2014 06:33 AM

Heres one more question. Can my crawdads also eat it? And can I buy just Nori wrap from the say Walmart as long as it's all natural? I give them shrimp pellets also.

jeaninel 04-26-2014 12:17 PM

I've never kept crawdads but i believe they're scavengers so any veg matter should be fine. And the nori should be fine too.
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Cichlidsrule102 05-03-2014 03:58 AM

All predatory/carnivorous fish need plant matter in their diet. In the wild, even mighty predators such as red tailed catfish eat a good deal of fruits and plant matter at certain times of the year.

Cichlidsrule102 05-03-2014 03:59 AM

And I've found that all fish LOVE peeled raw peas. I feed my fish them about once a week, as one of their feeding, instead of pellets or flakes.

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