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Cspencer83 04-23-2014 11:55 AM

Do fish Worry about other fish
hi on another part of this site i recently posted that my silver molly has what i think is a Swim Bladder infection which i started feeding peas to help with. I have or had a Dalmatian molly that never left the silver molly alone and was acting normal other then that she kept going over to the silver molly and nudging it almost like trying to see if it was ok and really seemed bothered by it. Last night before i went to sleep it was fine, over the night at some time it became lethargic, this morning it would not eat and about a hour ago died. So my Question is this, can one fish worry about another fish so much that it stresses its self to death?

keepsmiling 04-24-2014 04:35 AM

I would say there is probably something else going on that killed the dalmation. However, I have seen behavior in fish that shows they 'do care' about each other. For lack of a better term.

goldfish98 04-24-2014 05:39 AM

I think fish do care about others. When my MM Platy died, the Sunburst platy just looked upset. She kept trying to find her, and she herself died the following day.

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