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ryu3180 03-04-2007 05:54 PM

salty dogs...
so, i just got a 'dinosaur' bichir from petsmart, along with one of it's tank mates a clown knife fish, looking up the info on those two, it says to add about a teaspoon of salt (but which kind) per gallon in my tank... here's the question: its a smaller communal tank of 10 gallons (i know i know, and i'm only holding them in there till i get my 29 gallon later tonight) that is shared by two silver dollars which it did NOT specify on salt addition, and soon to be another african butterfly that escaped and died last night (R.I.P.) what would be a good indication for salt addition? and for the love of pete, what kind of salt?

Lupin 03-04-2007 08:18 PM


I splitted your post to make a new thread.:)

A 10 gallons tank will unfortunately not fit all your fish. A 75 gallons, on the other hand, will(minus the clown knife). 29 gallons is not going to give adequate housing at all.

Don't add salt. None of your fish require it and neither are they brackish water species. Your silver dollars will not tolerate salt on long-term basis.

ryu3180 03-05-2007 03:38 AM

DOH! well thank you very much for the reply, i did NOT add any salt until i would have gotten a reply so i'm glad i didn't... as far as the tanks... tonight i got a 29 gallon... AND a 55, but that sucker's got 3 HUGE goldfish... like i have NEVER seen goldfish - not koi mind you - THAT big... about 12 inches each, and i'll be looking to sell/trade at least two of the goldfish, and also a very large poli that came with the tank too. so, what i figure is, i'll move them (the dino bichir and knife fish) to the 29 temporarily until i can get rid of the goldfish, then transport them to the 55 gallon, where they should be happy at their small size? 75 though... seems a little TOO large for them, they only get around 10" to 12" right?

tophat665 03-06-2007 09:28 AM

The Bichir would be fine in a 55, probably. The main problem being that a 55 gallon tank is ony 13" front to back. It's best (even with an eel shaped fish like a bichir) to have at least half again the maximum length of the fish as the minimum dimension of the tank.

The problem with a 55 is actually the clown knife. They can get 2' long. Actually, 75 gallons is too small for a fully grown clown knife. I'd say 120 (48x24x24) is the minimum, 150 better (60x24x24), 180 (72x24x24) still better, and you should really have one at least 30" front to back - which would have to be custom. Talk to the guys who keep freshwater stingrays about their tanks.

ryu3180 03-06-2007 03:20 PM

well... unfortunately the bigger tank is not going to happen, i live in a small space myself, and the 55 is pushing it. i see what you mean about the bichir and length, but they are still babies yet, and the transfer (about an hour ago) from the 10 to #29 went ok i think... in a few weeks I'll transfer them to the 55. so, hypothetically, what will happen to the clown knife if i keep him in the 55? the ten has now been turned into a nursery for guppies, as i am fully into the whole live feed thing.
think it'd be difficult to sell/trade in the clown knife when he gets too big?

Daz 03-06-2007 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by ryu3180
think it'd be difficult to sell/trade in the clown knife when he gets too big?

A common mistake made by many when buying fish that grow to massive proportion's. Check before you buy. :)

Weasel F. 03-21-2007 11:14 AM

I have two ornates and they are in a 125g they have reached the full size of the tank and needing more space. They are 15+ in size and 4yrs old. So a 55g IMO isn't no where near big enough.

Falina 03-21-2007 06:05 PM


so, hypothetically, what will happen to the clown knife if i keep him in the 55?
when fish are kept in tanks too small for too long they can become deformed (eg curved spines etc) or often die unfortunately. if you could find somebody that had a massive tank like was mentioned earlier theres a good chance that person might want him as they are lovely fish but you would of course have to find somebody like that. alternatively you could take him back to the pet store, where theres no guarantee that somebody wouldnt put him back in a 10g as i find pet stores rather than lfs's tend to be rather unhelpful, and dont know much. maybe theres a lfs you could take him to and see if they would be able to take him for you? i know how difficult it is to take a fish back thoguh. i had a channel cat years ago that grew too big and it broke my heart taking him back :(

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