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n1zjd 03-04-2010 09:57 AM

Alright, obviously I want my reef tank to thrive as well as possible so I feel the need to ask you folks what temp you guys run your tanks at. I was pointed to a great read IMO and Im now seriously questioning the lower temp I keep my tank at. Heres the article I have been reading,

So lets hear it, whats your marine tanks temp! Ill start it off. My tank stays between roughly 76.8 - 77.8 without a heater. I thought this was acceptable but greatly questioning that due to this article. I guess for arguments sake it would be best to post your average low and high temp.

Low - 76.8F
High - 77.8F

Also, maybe I should have been more specific with the title. If a mod views the thread and sees something more appropriate feel free to change it, if I could do it again it would at least be 'Reef temperature'

marine666 03-04-2010 01:55 PM

Hi, mine go's between-
Using a heater

n1zjd 03-06-2010 04:45 PM

Come on now, I know theres more of us! What temps you folks running your reefs at?

wake49 03-07-2010 06:52 AM

78, 79 degrees. It gets warmer in the summer. Maybe up to 82...
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Pasfur 03-07-2010 06:59 AM

Mine runs between 74 and 76. Right where I want it.

mollies 03-13-2010 11:33 PM

I have mine at 78 year round. Just stared about July of 09

Markieemel 03-14-2010 03:44 PM

how does lower and higher tempurature's affect the reef as a whole? do things grow better at higher tempuratures?

NC Frank 03-22-2010 08:41 AM

Mine is kept between 76.8 and 77.8.

Kellsindell 03-29-2010 09:59 PM

I keep a reef and it's almost 2years old. I keep everything at 80-81.5F and have had no issues with coral growth or them closing up. It's when the temp drops I begin to see them close up. Perhaps they are used to the temp i keep it at, but...

AQUAPOD 24 03-29-2010 10:52 PM

i run mine a little high between 80 and 83

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