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magic_marty 03-04-2007 07:20 PM

seen something very wierd today at a lfs..
Today at a lfs i observed some golden rams in a tank with a couple of angels and 3 gbr's.There was about 5 of the golden rams and i noticed that 3 of them had something under there skin in the upper portions of there back and towards there tails.It looked like they had orange seeds in there bodies, like somebody actually put these roundish things in there flesh.It was easier to see them from one side and the other side not to easy to see.Really had me thinking and trying to figure out just what these things were, i asked the workers there and they of coarse had no idea what they were.There was no wounds on the outside of there scales or any type of cuts or scars.They appeared to be healthy other then these things on there flesh.The things werent transparent they were dense.Almost looked like they had small pieces of gravel embeded in there bodies.Perhaps they were parasites? But they were not in the area of where the fishs internal organs were located they were in the meaty part of there backs and towards there tails.One fish had at least 6 or 7 in him and the other had several as well.I really wanted the german blue rams that were in the tank with them cause there was a male and female but i decided not to risk it for fear that they might also have these things in them.And at this time i don't have a quarintine tank set up.I asked if they had been injected with hormones and they said no they came from a local breeder.Looked really weird and i just wondered if anybody has any ideas as to what they were??

Thanks a bunch...

lioness501 03-05-2007 03:55 AM

my gbr has these. she has about 4 small solid things inside her body on the back end. ive had her for over amonth and shes really healthy. i myself havent a clue wat it is but sounds exactly the same as wat ur describing

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