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salubri3i 03-03-2010 07:17 PM

weblike stuff in my shrimp tank
i must've given them too much of those bottom feader capsules. i did remove the excess but i think it still counted as over feeding. lol

i see the worms inside those weblike things but i'm just curious to know if it's from the worms or something else. i remember having planaria on my 15 gal. removed them by not feeding the fish so they hunted down the planaria till the aquarium was squeeky clean.

so are the weblike things from the tiny worms i see or is it something else? i stopped feeding the shrimp already. i'm just concerned coz there are baby shrimps in the tank(almost same size as the worms).

this is a 5 gal tank. 2 months old.

Angel079 03-10-2010 05:31 PM

Do you have a good layer of mulm built up in there already? Then I'd not worry about the newly hatched one's they'll feed off of that. My first thought reading this was planaria as well and since you already had them before it will be super simple for you to ID them.

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