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jessica44 03-04-2007 06:22 PM

my ammonia was high in my new 90 gal fish tank and it was too late to get to a store so i called one right before it closed and they said for the time being to us stress coat well we did and not only did it not change the ammonia level but it created suds all through the protein skimmer how can i get the protein skimmer to stop sudding and what should i do about the ammonia???? please help!!

musho3210 03-04-2007 06:40 PM

water changes.... 10-15% daily water changes should help

caferacermike 03-04-2007 08:15 PM

Well that sucks. Your store should have known that stress coat is an organic and would cause your skimmer to freak. Your skimmer would help to remove wastes that cause ammonia, now you don't have that either. I think what they were trying to say was to use some Prime or Amquel to chelate the ammonia until you could do proper water changes and physically remove the ammonia.

Start doing heavy water changes.

Figure out what caused it. Is this a new tank set up that shouldn't have had fish in it? Is it an established tank that is over stocked, under cared for, did something unseen die? What is the cause? Until you try to narrow it down you'll just be doing water change after water change.

FYI, there is no "magic bullet" for this. Sure the companies that want you to part with your money make "cures" but what they really do is mask the problem until the next treatment, think money in their pockets. A properly set up and cycled tank should have no ammonia.

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