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rsn48 03-02-2010 06:22 PM

UV Sterilizer/new planted tank/algae
My understanding is that quick growing plants are planted tank to reduce algae problems, but if I have a UV sterilizer hooked up to my canister filter, do I still need to use fast growing plants in a new aquarium. The tank is 75 gallon with just under 2 watts/gallon of light - 130 watts of Coralife light. The tank will not be heavily planted but somewhere in the realm of between heavy and medium planting.

Will not the UV sterilizer control potential algae problems?

Angel079 03-02-2010 06:27 PM

If you have a few plant or medium planted as you'd call it and a proper maintenance on that tank algae will not be a issue! I even had shrimp set up where I had no plants but some Java moss and a sponge filter, still no algae issues.
I know the use of a UV-S for certain sicknesses but I'd wanna read up in detail first about the effect they have on elements within your water on a planted tank.
And whether you look at algae or sickness these machines only help that part of the water that passes through it; so in other words and "dead" spot in your tank that doesn't have the water moving around a bunch could still grow alage and then you're back to the proper mainatnace on the tank. Honestly I don't even know if it really would affect all commonly known algae types.

rsn48 03-02-2010 06:46 PM

Angel, here is a good link on UV sterilization; its not the easiest blog to read as he can get very technical. Also read up on Redox Balance, I'll give you both links. This link and the fact our new water filtration plant is using UV sterilizers convinced me to use a UV unit, in my case the 9 watt Coralife "twist" jobbie.

UV Sterilizer:


Redox Balance: (not an easy read, so you might want to print it out and read it about three times)

Fish Immune system and UV sterilization:


Angel079 03-02-2010 07:18 PM

I'm still not sure what you're trying to achieve there? Do you only want to add one because you're worried you may get algae because you have a selection of plants that you classify as slow? Or what?
Thanks for the links!

rsn48 03-02-2010 08:39 PM

UV sterilization is kind of an anti-oxidant for fish, overall fish health should be improved, I know the redox balance link is not an easy read, but give it a go. Algae control is just a nice "by product" of UV sterilization; its not its primary purpose.

Mean Harri 03-02-2010 08:45 PM

UV kills water borne. They are great in reducing diseases by killing them in the water. Fish can still get a disease but disease parasites in the water are irradicated making the cycle much shorter. I think I'm at least half right about that. And I do believe they help control algae. I know Diana Walstad used/uses them.

rsn48 03-02-2010 09:46 PM

I do know that UV rays will kill ich, but not cure ich, so your chances of your fish getting ich are greatly reduced. Here's a bit from the first link I alluded to above:

"Ultra violet sterilization is one of the most effective means of disease prevention in aquariums and ponds and for general water quality control in aquariums/ponds, as well the use of UVC Sterilization is useful in home, office, hospital air purification (& even UVC/Redox Blood therapy).
For this reason a properly installed/designed UV Sterilizer helps improves a fish’ chances in fighting bacterial diseases or even parasitic diseases such as Ich that UV Sterilization is less effective directly in destroying. Part of the reason for UV Sterilization (which is often missed) is that the UVC radiation which is contained in the unit will break down oxidizers in the water column that would otherwise lower a fish’ immunity (Redox Balance), this aspect is often missed as many only focus on the germicidal/algaecidal properties of UV Sterilizers. Please read this article for more about this subject: “Fish Immune System and UV Sterilization”.

There is a lot of new evidence as to the benefits of UV sterilization for ALL fish, and many myths have been dispelled such as “UV Sterilizers destroying beneficial nitrifying bacteria”. I will try and present material in as readable a format as possible, rather than get down to too much scientific jargon that is difficult for many to understand as many facts can often be presented without every technical term applied (although at times I may have too). I am also constantly researching this subject, so this article may not be the same article in three months, so please read on.

UV Sterilization is also effective for controlling suspended algae (green water) in ponds (along with proper filtration such as Veggie Filters/pressurize filters, please see this article: “A Clear Pond; pond information”)"

By Carl Strohmeyer
Updated 1/22/10

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