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Mattyb 03-02-2010 11:41 AM

New Tanks Advice Please
Hi I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice I have recently started up keeping tropical fish and I need some advice on a few things.

I currently have a 5 foot by 3 foot by 2 foot 94 gallon tank I have a gravel substrate with various plants filerting is provided by 2 x Eheim 2215 Classic canister filters both with JBL ball and tube media and carbon etc.

The fish I currently have in it are as follows: 2 x Albino Catfish, 2 x Pearl Gouramis, 4 x Long Fin Rams, 10 x Columbian Tetras, 8 Buenos Aires Tetras, 3 x Sword Tails, 6 x Cardinal Tetras, 1 x Guppy, 2 x Rosy Barbs, 7 x Black Mollys, 6 x Orange Platys and a 10 inch Sailfin Pleco.

I also have a 25 Gallon tank which is unused but set up cycling at the moment with an Eheim 2213 external Canister filter.

My question to you is this can I move 2 x Albino Catfish, 2 x Pearl Gouramis, 4 x Long Fin Rams, 10 x Columbian Tetras, 8 Buenos Aires Tetras, 3 x Sword Tails, 6 x Cardinal Tetras and the Rosy Barbs into the 25 Gallon tank or will this be massivley overstocked?

My idea was if I can do this was to put an maybe 1 or 2 Oscars in with the Pleco or 1 Oscar and maybe 2 largish Clown loaches I am not worried about the Black Mollys or the Platys and would give them away to the fish centre or maybe let the Oscar eat them!

My other idea which I would like advice on is maybe add some more community fish to the 5 foot tank like some rainbow fish and maybe a few other things and still get rid of the mollys and platys and use the 25 Gallon tank for a species only tank with maybe figure of eight puffers or dwarf puffers?

I think the 25 gallon tank is to small for a malawi ciclid tank?

Your Advice and comments would be very welcome.

Kind Regards,

Angel079 03-02-2010 11:59 AM

Welcome to the Forum!
As for you having plants you do want to take the carbon out of your filters! Carbon will extract nutrition from your water that the plants require to feed off of.

By Albino Catfish you mean a Cory cat right? They do far better in larger groups, since you tank size/ stock permits it I'd strongly suggest to up the group to 8-10 cory cats there.

As for tank sizes & stocking this site will assist you well to play around with different ideas but yes moving ALL them together to the 25g will stretch it quite some :-)

Boesman's Rainbow you can find my set up if you look on the left here under my name you'll see a tap called 'aquariums' and then the "55g Boeseman's set up". I would however NOT mix them with Oscar set up and rather suggest a either-or decision there due to behavior.

Mattyb 03-02-2010 12:05 PM

Hi Angel,

Thanks for the advice how annoying I was told carbon would polish the water only put it in today. So in theory I could add some rainbows to my 94 gallon tank and it would look nice.

What ideas can you give me for the 25 gallon tank?


iamntbatman 03-04-2010 04:24 AM

Yep, moving all of those fish to a 25g would be a recipe for disaster. I'd leave them in the big tank. I would also suggest getting more rosy barbs as those need a school of their own kind to thrive. Same for the albino cats, if indeed they are albino corydoras (if they're albino bristlenose plecos, they're fine as is). What are your water parameters for pH and hardness? The livebearers you've got in the tank prefer hard, basic water while the other fish generally prefer soft, acidic water so keeping both in the same tank means that one of these groupings isn't going to be very happy.

If you're intent on keeping something with some attitude like the oscars you mentioned but you're only working with 25g of water, there are still several fish that fit the bill. Jewel cichlids, convicts or even a salvini could be kept in a tank of that size. Very grumpy cichlids. Beware that if you get a pair of convicts they'll breed like crazy.

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