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redchigh 02-28-2010 05:10 PM

please reccomend an invert!
I'm setting up a 5g, softwater heavily planted tank with gravel covered soil substrate...

I won't have a filter, will just have lots and lots of plants.

Can anyone reccomend any shrimp to add?
Possible tank companions are:
MTS, Ramshorns, Thai micro crabs and maybe a half dozen really tiny fish.

Can anyone reccomend any good shrimp that are relatively easy to take care of?

I was thinking of Red Cherry shrimp...

I'd like inverts to be the focus of this tank... maybe a few assassin snails instead of ramshorns?

I've heard that drawf crays will destroy plants... is that true?


Angel079 02-28-2010 06:23 PM

I'd not mix the Crabs & Shrimp; do either or of them in the 5g and for small but very interesting fish Norman's Lampeye come to my mind.

For Dwarf cray's: some will tackle your plants some won't. If you look in my aquarium log at the "CPO" tank you see its well planted and they don't touch that.

redchigh 02-28-2010 09:53 PM

why shouldn't I mix the crabs and shrimp?

Micro crabs are strictly detritus feeders... everything I've read says they get along perfectly well with dwarf shrimp, but may turn into food for a large hungry ghost...
Actually, I think some "dwarf" shrimp actually grow larger than the crabs.

so the CPOs... do you think it's the species that doesn't mind plants, or is it a personality thing? (like a betta in a community tank)
Maybe your CPOs just dont wanna eat their veggies

Or could it have to do with keeping the CPOs well-fed?
(like at the tourism aquarium- sharks and pirahnas get along with other fish fine as long as they're not hungry)

Angel079 02-28-2010 11:10 PM

LOL well I wouldn't say I starved my CPOs nor over fed them; they get food every 2nd day and that's how it is. I know several folks besides myself that have them in planted set ups (also diff plants then mine had) and its never been a issue. I guess CPOs are just a non-plant kinda breed. But they do eat veggies like its going outta style if you offer them some cucumber or sliced pumpkin :-)

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