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GalaxyGirl 03-04-2007 12:31 AM

Normal feeding behaviour?
I have a 10 gallon tank, I have had it since the beginning of January, so nearly 2 months? I have 6 black neon tetras and 3 skirted tetras (2 black, 1 white) and 2 shrimp. I feed them Wardley Total Color twice a day and Hikari freeze dried bloodworms twice a day as well. Ok now for my question. It seems to me my tetras used to go up to the surface and eat their flakes, but now they just hang out in the middle section waiting for the food to be dumped under by the filter. Is this normal? I feel like its not, are they being lazy?

soco1125 03-04-2007 12:47 AM

Try feeding them less. Seems like maybe you're overfeeding a bit. Cut it back and see if their excitement picks up. :)

musho3210 03-04-2007 02:08 AM

feed once to twice a day, both of those foods arent good long-term diets, try switching to a brine shrimp food or flake food for a long-term diet with one day per week feeding color enhancers and one day a week with bloodworms.

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