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polishnlovingit 02-27-2010 06:11 AM

Converting from salt to fresh 75g
Greetings All - this is my first post to TFK. For two years , I had a saltwater 75g tank - sailfin tang, koran angel, striped puffer, snowflak eel, rooster fish(snapper) , valentini puffer, corliss wrasse. Tank was doing fantatstic - no problems. Puffer got sick/stressed. Woke up one Saturday morning and tank was wiped out except for sick puffer , eel , wrasse. Puffer passed 4 days later. It was my second wipeout in three years (first caused by ich). Decided I'd has enough - brought wrasse & eel back to lfs. Tearing down tank & converting to fresh - I have a 29g as well as 10g fresh already. In 29g - I have a huge pleco - 7 yrs old - 14 inches long - he'll be first inhabitant of new tank. I'm thinking of gettting some combo of oscar's / cichlids / angelfish . Any ideas compatability-wise? I also have live rock from salt - scrubbing off algae & cooking in fresh water for approx 2 weeks - will it be safe to put in new fresh? I'm also going to run skimmer on new tank as well - don't see this as a problem - should be good for new tank as far as I know. should I go with sand substrate or gravel ? I would appreciate any input / suggestions on best way to go about conversion. Thanks

aunt kymmie 02-27-2010 10:25 AM

Welcome to the forum. We're glad you decided to join us. A 14" pleco? Wow, that's HUGE!

polishnlovingit 02-27-2010 12:17 PM

Converting from salt to fresh 75g
I'm curious to see how he'll react in moving to the 75g from the 29g where he's been since I got him....

iamntbatman 02-28-2010 04:24 AM

Welcome to TFK! Sorry to hear about your saltwater tank!

Here's a recent thread where someone else was making the switch from salt to fresh:

What sort of equipment do you have leftover from the saltwater tank? What are your water parameters in terms of pH and hardness (that'll have an impact on what sorts of fish would be best for the water you've got). As for the live rock, that'll increase your pH and hardness substantially so I wouldn't use it in freshwater unless you're going for a hard water setup (livebearers or African rift lake cichlids). Most of the other tropical fish come from soft water though, so in most cases it's a no-no. The skimmer also isn't really needed in fresh water and will just drive up your electricity bill. Sand vs. gravel is basically up to you, but some fish would definitely prefer sand (fish that eat from the substrate and especially fish that burrow).

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