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Andyandsue 03-03-2007 09:50 AM

Water Changing and Cleaning 3 Questions
This is not something that I am faced with right now, but I am curious what everyone's opinion is:

1) If a tank is fully cycled, how much water can be changed out of an aquarium at one time without effecting the balance?

2) Since the bacteria colonize more on the filter (and/or bio-wheel) and the substrate, does the water do that much as far as bacteria?

3) I know someone, who every 3 weeks, removes 3/4 of their tank water, removes all the gravel/decorations and rinses then puts the fish back in with the 1/4 of the water they saved. They added 2 gouramis and they both died quickly. I personally think cleaning a tank to this level will cause a mini-cycle every time. Opinions?

musho3210 03-03-2007 09:57 AM

very easy question to answer

Never do a scrubbing change (unless you have a serious problem of cleaning detergent on your gravel or something)

Do at minumum 25% water changes weekly, you can do 15% water changes twice weekly for better results but that might take up more of your time

Changing the water wont kill the bacteria since they arent free swimming bacteria and no matter how much water you change, the fish will still poop and feed the bacteria.

Whoever does that 3/4 water change with gravel and ornament scrubbing doesnt seem to know what he is doing, bring him to this forum and let us knock some sense into him :)

When doing water changes vaccum the gravel weekly, if you do the 15% twice weekly then only vaccum on one of those days. Dont scrub any ornaments unless there is unwanted algae, top of with RO/DI water or distilled, lightly scrub tank walls and ornaments if you have an algae problem. Make sure you only lightly scrub to reduce the damage to the bacteria. Never rinse underneath tap water as the chlorine will kill all the bacteria.

Gump 03-03-2007 07:47 PM

1- as much as you like

2- water doesnt hold bacteria

3- Agree with your mini cycle comment, taking out gravel isnt needed unless your removing it for good.

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