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sericinda 02-25-2010 12:31 PM

tank size for scat?
I have a client who has a red scat in a freshwater tank who is beating up his other fish. I want to rescue him, but the only tank I have available to set up is a 35 gallon TALL. Would this be big enough for one or two scats? I read they are schooling fish so I know he would be happier with friends so to speak but not sure if a 35 tall would be big enough for him alone or with a mate.

Also. If I do get him and set up a brackish tank for him, how do you safely convert a brackish fish kept in freshwater to a full brackish tank?
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iamntbatman 02-26-2010 05:01 AM

I think you'd need a bigger tank than that for a good school of them. A 75g would probably be ok for a school of adults.

As for the salinity, you'd just want to add marine mix when doing your water changes to slowly raise the water up to brackish conditions (say 1.010 or so) over the course of several weeks/months. Ideally they should be kept in full marine conditions as adults, so you could keep raising the salinity to marine conditions (1.024-1.026 or so). They look really nice when kept in salt water.

sericinda 02-26-2010 09:01 AM

I found someone who wanted a smaller tank so traded the 35 for a 55 drilled and am setting it up for him. I think he will do fine in there until I can find something bigger. I have my eyes on a 75 gallon bowfront but don't have the money for it yet. Thanks for answering!

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