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henningc 04-10-2014 01:15 AM

DIY Betta Project
The first batch of fry have been produced and will start growing now. For some reason, my rescue males were not up for the job. One of the rescue females I received turned out to be a late blooming male. I fianlly gave the little guy a chance, and Shazam!

I'll keep the thread updated and when they are large enough-8-12 weeks I'll start giving them away for the price of shipping. Shipping will be $8 and I'll send you up to four fish.:twisted:

Take that Pet WhatEver Store!

Holstein 04-10-2014 10:42 PM

any pictures of proud mom and dad and sign me up for babies in 8-12 weeks!

henningc 04-11-2014 02:35 PM

I've got to get photos of them and my Belonasox fry. Hope by the end of the weekend.

Just follow the thread and when they are ready P.M. me. I plan to raise the second batch in a kiddie pool, so I anticipate several hundred.

henningc 04-27-2014 12:35 AM

Next batch spawned. Hopefully by June we will start giving them away

henningc 04-29-2014 12:34 AM


The pair I set up over the weekend are spawning like nothing I've very seen. He has 2/3 of a 10gal covered in bubbles. They were spawning, embracing and dropping this morning at 7:00 a.m. and were still at it tonight at 9:00 p.m. The female was hugely swollen with eggs and the male seemed eager to continue. The male is turquois matalic blue and the female a cream & dark blue marble, both are vail tailed.

The first spawn is coming along nicely. They are about 2 weeks old and feasting on microworks and fresh hatched brine shrimp. Their bellys are larger than the rest of the mass of their body. Should be nice fish when they color up.

Holstein 05-08-2014 11:51 AM

congrats on all the success your having

henningc 06-08-2014 11:23 PM

I have a few unsexed fry available for the cost of shipping.

henningc 06-15-2014 06:48 PM

Wow free bettas and no takers!

aurielssong 06-20-2014 04:42 PM

If I wasn't working on my own two pairs right now, I'd take you up on that!

Holstein 06-21-2014 03:54 PM

how big are they right now?

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