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blacksheep 02-23-2010 04:00 PM

Eheim 2215 questions!
Before i buy a eheim 2215 i would like to know:
Does the media come in baskets? or is it a jumbled up inside the filter container.
Is it good for a 55g?
Also does it come with ALL the media that is needed?
and please give some more info. about the product if you know more ;-)
Thank you~

dmbfan028 02-23-2010 04:43 PM

I found this picture showing the media, looks like there isn't any trays just filter pads that divide the media.

"EHEIM filter pads are used to separate the different filter media layers in standard filters."

Mean Harri 02-23-2010 05:03 PM

According to the 2215 comes with all the media you need. The 2215 will work on a 55g. A 2213 will as well if you want to save a few bucks. But there's nothing wrong with a little bigger. Here's a link to provide you some info. Hope it helps.

YouTube - EHEIM Classic Canister TUTORIAL - Eheim 2213, 2215, 2217

blacksheep 02-23-2010 05:38 PM

thanks!! :D

Angel079 02-23-2010 07:20 PM

Sorry I chime in so late...if you hadn't bought it yet a 2213 will be fully sufficient for normal 55g set up.

blacksheep 02-23-2010 10:44 PM

Yeah i already ordered it and thank you!

Angel079 02-24-2010 09:40 AM

I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner....

blacksheep 02-24-2010 07:48 PM

haha no worries~ xD

statenfish 03-01-2010 10:13 PM

i run those filters on my 90 gallon oscar tank and my 90 gallon pacu setup..they are a bit messy to clean but well worth it.they can go as long as six monts without maintinance..good choice and good luck! i run two 2217 and one 2215 on each tank..

blacksheep 03-01-2010 10:21 PM

My Eheim 2215 came in couple days ago! ;D
Can't wait to set it up!

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