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Magzmoir 02-22-2010 09:19 AM

Is it possible to introduce a new mate to my Angel.
Hi there,

Im relatively new to tropical fish keeping, I have a 190L Trigon tank with x5 young Kribs, 8 Cory's (4 panda's, 4 simulus ? I think they are called), 1 young BN Plec and 1 young golden loach and up until a few days ago 2 adult Angels 1 golden 1 zebra.

The angels were a mating pair and had spawned several times in my previous (smaller) tank. Disaster struck I noticed my female go off her food and then noticed she had red hair like structure protruding from her vent. I looked it up and apparently it was Camallanus worms. I treated the tank according to info I found on the web with Panacur (fenbezedol).

Only the Female was showing signs of infection and after the treatment the worms promptly disapeared from her vent area. She was still looking very bloated and wasnt eating however. Well about 2 days after treatment I woke to find her dead :( I cant see any further signs of infection in any of the other fish but I am going to do another round of Panacur treatment to make sure followed by a good water change and gravel hoover.

Im left with a dilemma now...since my angels were my main attraction I loved having a pair to centre on. My single male zebra angel now looks very lonely. I know its probably doubtful but is it possible to introduce him to another female or is it most likey he would just try to beat her up ?

My other option is to move him back to the smaller tank on his own and buy a small grp of angel babies for the newer tank but I got the new tank in the first place because my original pair outgrew the small tank.

Any info would be much appreciated :-)

Angel079 02-22-2010 11:25 AM

I'd pers give it a shot; go to a good breeder or good LFS and get a female (make sure its not a guy) that's as close to the current Angels size then its gonna get (so your don't wind up with baby vs adult) and then introduce her and watch.

Magzmoir 02-22-2010 12:53 PM

Thnx Im just worried since I know the best way to get angels to pair is to do it from a young age with several fish. My angel is mature (about 2 yrs old) and quite large about 6 inches from the tip of his top fin to the tip of his bottom (not the filament ones those are about another 2 - 3 inches lol ). Im not sure if the LFS has any near his size.

I'll go in and speak to the LFS see if he has anything available and also make sure it will be ok to return any fish bought if they dont get along :) that is unless I get a few more posts dissauding me ofc :lol:

Austin 02-22-2010 01:06 PM

I'd go to a place other than petsmart or pet co for a good quality angelfish. Go to a non-chain petstore that's where i see the best angelfish. My angelfish has had two females that he breeded with so it's possible for him to mate again. goodluck.

rrcoolj 02-22-2010 02:40 PM

Angels are not hard to pair and will spawn with the opposite(sometimes the same) gender willingly. just find a nice size female and you are good to go. I know there are places on the internet to buy female angles I would also look there.

Magzmoir 02-22-2010 04:34 PM

Thank you guys :)

I have a great LFS its not a chain store but a family run buisness who deals with breeders all over the country. I just hope he has a female available for me male is looking very sorry for himself :(

Magzmoir 02-23-2010 04:18 AM

Some bad new, the male Angel died last night. He was struggling at the bottom of the tank so I moved him to the small tank and adjusted filter to add more air in case there was a problem in the main tank or somthing that was affecting him. He seemed to improve for a few hours then died overnight.

No idea why he died as he hadn't been showing any previous problems altho he had been off his food a bit. Getting my partner to buy in some testing kits today to check the lvl's of the main tank in case theres a problem there (used up the ones I had). All the other fish are doing fine and still eating like pigs. Im puzzled as to why he died :shock:

Angel079 02-23-2010 08:48 AM

I'd test Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia in that tank.

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