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PaperclipGirl 02-22-2010 01:09 AM

What types of fish do you keep that recognize you?
I only ask this question because I am curious...

I have goldfish that come to me when I get near the tank and my angelfish do the same - in fact they desire being the center of my attention, when I'm doing a headcount on the fish, they tend to get in my way.

I'm sure its a "the food slave is coming to serve me" reaction, but still its nice. My mollies and tetras could care less, even at feedings.

Any one else's fish out there do that?

jeaninel 02-22-2010 01:18 AM

Just about all of my fish will swarm to the front when I approach the tank, especially the bettas, angel, guppies, tiger barbs and leopard ctenopoma. The only ones that don't are the cories, rummynose and harlequins.

Gambit 02-22-2010 01:30 AM

my betta will swin to the top of the tank whenever i enter the room and if i ignore it it will swim up and down the glass until i feed him.

iamntbatman 02-22-2010 04:52 AM

Most fish seem to have some sort of reaction to obvious feeding times, such as swarming the front of the tank as I approach with food and swarming the surface before I dump any in.

Beyond that basic food response, the fish I've noticed that have the most actual "interaction" with me are anabantids, puffers and cichlids, in increasing order. I find many cichlids to be roughly as smart as dogs. They seek your attention, like to play with you and can even be taught tricks. Cichlids also seem to be able to tell the difference between people; my Jack Dempsey would get excited when I would walk in the room but would be cautious or even shy around strangers.

Claudia1002 02-22-2010 06:10 AM

My angel can tell a difference between the canisters of flake food (his) and the shrimp pellets (the cories). :shock:

bearwithfish 02-22-2010 09:13 AM

well i have demasoni that wont come to the from for me but all my others do in all the tanks
gold fish
and even the pleco's from time to time

Emmilyy 02-22-2010 12:09 PM

My bettafish seemed to.

and i know this was saltwater, but My Picasso Trigger and Lionfish did before their tank crashed :(

aunt kymmie 02-22-2010 12:10 PM

My fish that I can always count on to swim up and greet me and my discus and my betta. Feeding time or not, they will always swim my way. :)

trukgirl 02-22-2010 01:47 PM

If the lights in the room are off my Knifefish will come out and do a little dance when I am near the tank, and he won't do it for anyone else. My Gouramis will come up to the right top of the tank when I come near, sometimes my hubby but not for anyone else. I know for sure the Gouramis think they are getting fed when they do that because they come up to the "feeding spot". All the rest of my fish could care less.

McNertney 02-22-2010 07:44 PM

Oscars are like small dogs. i have 2 that eat from my hand (sometimes eat my finger) and they follow you around all day

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