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Fishnewbie1 02-18-2010 07:14 PM

a dumb Zebra Danios question
First off this website is great for newbie fish tank owners, first time posting here but definitely have got some great info from many other topics. I have had a 10G tank for about a month (my first tank ever) ,and it has 2 Zebra danios and 2 Sunset Coral Dwarf Platies. I have followed all the "rules" as far as cycling and not adding fish too quickly, and all 4 of my fish appear healthy etc which is good. Now my question which I am sure is a silly one, but one of my Danios chases the other one literally all the darn time, luckily he isnt causing any physical damage to him but it still has to be irritating to fish getting picked on (yes I overanalyze stuff way too much and maybe make way too many assumptions on the fishes "feelings" ;-) ). SOomy question is, should I add another Danio in hopes that the bully fish might pick on the other guy less, spread the chasing, or could I actually make it worse for the fish getting picked on as he might now have 2 fish chasing after him. Hopefully that makes sense, I know Danios (from what I read) are schooling fish, but if possible I prefer not to fill my tank up with just Danios but if it helps I would gladly add 1 more. The Platies seem very happy and the Danios dont bug them at all. Or should I just not worry about this and stop overanalyzing??

Thanks in advance, once again my apologies for a goofy question

Angel079 02-18-2010 09:03 PM

Welcome tot he Forum!
That's a very normal behavior when they're kept in lil numbers. for one Zebra's are one of the most hyper active fish I know. Second they're best kept in larger groups.
That said a large group of them vs having room of a 10g is not going to work. I'd add 4-5 more Zebra's to the tank that should ease it up. But then you'd have no more room left to add anyone else. Alternatively you can return/ exchange the Zebra's for another fish with your store and find a fish that's more suitable for a 10g (and rather get advise on stock here then at the store, cause the store will sell you anything regardless if its gonna fit or not).

Fishnewbie1 02-19-2010 04:18 PM

Thanks for help Angel, yeah ideally dont want to fill up tank with just Danios. Think I might try to add one more Danio to see if it helps ease the picking on the smaller Danio is currently getting. Also think I might add 2 Blonde delta guppy, but will space out the additions of new fish as has been suggested to me and I have read on this board. Guess that probably will be about it for me fish wise, assume around 7 fish in a 10 gallon tank is alot, but not 100% sure.

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