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Freddy 02-15-2010 03:13 PM

Quick switch?
Is it possible to add plants to an aquarium within 2 - 3 days and not have to cycle the aquarium again? I know plants need flourite or something similar, and I would like to have a planted tank. But only if it can be done before I get my angelfish (my parents finally agreed to let me get them!:-D).

Angel079 02-15-2010 03:23 PM

Plants have nothing to do with your tank's cycle (if its a new set up) or a re-cycle (which won't happen by adding plants to a established tank).

BS on the flourite plants need several different nutrition these come from water, fish food and what the fish leave behind. In some cases what comes in with the tap water isn't enough then you got to add ferts; Liquid ferts for stem plants and root sticks for Swords & Crypts.

Look at my set up here in the aquarium look these plants get no ferts; only light & fish & water...

Byron 02-16-2010 11:49 AM

Want to make sure I'm understanding your original question. If by "flourite" you were thinking of special substrates, then no, plants do not "need" that. Gravel (if that is what you currently have in the tank) will be fine, just plant the plants.

If on the other hand you were thinking of fertilizers, then yes, you will probably have to add a general fertilizer in order to provide the nutrients the plants need that won't all be in the tap water or fish food. As Angel said, a good comprehensive liquid fertilizer works well. We can suggest some if you ask.


Kelso 02-16-2010 11:54 AM

Congrats Freddy. As both of them said, no special substrate is necessary...only get it if you have the money and you think it looks good. I used to not use fertilizers and I thought my plants were growing well, but then I started using them, and BAM, improved growth. My water is it's helped. It just depends on how it goes for you.

Freddy 03-01-2010 08:25 PM

Wow I forgot about this thread I started until today. My tank is still unplanted, but it might not stay that way for long. While at my lfs getting my last angelfish (calling it a blue smokey) I saw a banana plant (the kind with a banana-looking root, not bananas you can eat). I had a little extra money in my pocket, so I bought it. It looks great! It makes the plastic plants I have look... well... plastic. So I think I'll go ahead and plant my tank, can I do that with fish in it? Or should I take them out while I'm putting in plants so it won't be too stressful? Check out my other thread (coming whenever I can get the pics I took onto the internet) to see pics of my fish and new plant. I didn't know banana plants grew lily pad-ish leaves on top of the water. The top pad on my new plant reaches all the way up to the top of my 29g high!

Do plants need to be acclimated like fish? Or can you just take them out of one bag and put them in the tank? I acclimated my plant today while I acclimated the new angel, and it seems like that would take a while if I decided to plant my tank. If (when, more likely) I decide to plant my tank, should I add driftwood?

I think Flourish will work for fertilizer, but do you have any other recommendations?

Austin 03-02-2010 12:35 AM

I believe you can take them right out of the bag and put them in the water. I did that anyways and my plants seem alright. And people told me that it's fine to do.

Also, I think catching the fish and moving them while planting would be MORE stressful than planting them with the fish in there. I planted my tank with my fish in there and they are fine... course mine aren't as delicate as angelfish. They should be fine either way if they are healthy. But I think keeping them in there will be less stressful. Depends how violent you are with moving things, though.

And nope, you don't need driftwood. Only if you want it then get it.

stephanieleah 03-02-2010 12:44 AM

I agree with Austin on this one on all counts. Sometimes I dip my plants in untreated tap water just in case, but most agree that plants aren't going to bring anything harmful into your tank and if they do, it's gonna take a lot more than a rinse to kill it : )

and yes, just plant while the fish are there. that would be more stressful to the fish to move them around.

and can i ask which angels? it was my understanding when I set up my 29 gallon that angels needed a larger tank size...even the smaller varieties. am I mistaken?

your fish, whatever you are getting, will be happy for the planted environment, though, i promise!

LisaC144 03-02-2010 10:50 AM

+1 on everything. Plant them while the fish are in the tank. They'll be perfectly fine. It will not cause any type of cycle because you are not removing any Beneficial Bacteria. I went from a non-planted to planted tank on my 55g tank on Saturday and my fish are LOVING it! I constantly see each one going over to each plant biting at it (not trying to eat it, just exploring it). They are especialy loving swimming through all the Corkscrew Vals I put in. I'm going to say that one is definitely a favorite of theirs.

Byron 03-02-2010 12:57 PM

Most of your questions have been well answered, so no need to repeat any of that. On Flourish, yes it is one of the best and is has all you need to add (the other macro-nutrients are in the tank from the fish and biological actions). Make sure it is the Flourish Comprehensive Supplement, they make several but this one is the complete fert.

Banana plants will send up floating leaves. Make sure the "bananas" (which are actually tubers that store nutrients for the plant) are not buried or they will rot. The roots emerge from under the tubers and will spread down into the substrate.


LisaC144 03-02-2010 01:19 PM

Thanks Byron. I did know not to bury the tubers on the banana plant, but I had no idea they'd eventually root. I just drop them in and let them land where they wanted. I guess I should find a specific spot for them now...

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