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scottysgirl 02-27-2007 10:23 PM

New symptom for rams in QT
I have (as I said in last post) 2 rams in a QT tank that can from a nasty looking diseased tank at the fish store, one is missing an eye. The one missing an eye is much smaller than the other and looks malnurished. I assumed this was because she can't eat food that floats because she has a hard time seeing it, she has no trouble with the bloodworms I feed them :). However, today I noticed that she has white, stringy poo--I am thinking internal parasites and am thinking I should treat them both. Do you guys agree?

musho3210 02-27-2007 10:30 PM

hmm, my rams have white poop, but maybe because the food i feed them is the same color, they have been in my care for a month and every day get more and more color, there poop might be a natural white color, i wouldnt treat for internal paracites yet, maybe when he/her stops eating or gets another symptom then immediately treat.

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