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GalaxyGirl 02-27-2007 09:17 PM

Do you find your animals on the back burner?
Wow, my poor animals :( My horse hasnt really been ridden in a month, except twice, one was bareback to the creek and another was a longer ride with my trainer and another student. She isnt getting ridden this week either, except me hopping on bareback and taking her to the nearest patch of grass. This happened to my fish too, I didnt do a full clean of my tank for a month (bad fish mom, I know!) and my two bettas are at day 8 of the same their bowl :shock: I have been insanely sick, the sickest I have been since I was a kid, so animals arent getting the attention or proper care they need, but thankfully my mom is stepping up and actually helping me tonight. Do you find your animals on the backburner at times? Or is it just me?

Sadie 02-27-2007 10:33 PM

back burner
It's not just you. There are times in my life things get way to hectic (work, meetings, committees) and I feel great accomplishment in just getting everyone feed and a scratch behind the ears. I have the fish, a dog, and 2 indoors cats (belong to the household) and 2 outdoor cats (strays that adopted us). I feel the dog gets the shaft a lot as she just likes to know someone is home and is quite the veggie. She will come when she wants a scratch but she doesn't play. Her greatest joy in life is at the end of the day when I get home and she gets hugs and attention. I have had her I think this is 8 yrs and she has never really liked to play. She was severely abused and half starved when I got her and at that time she was 1-3 years old. She has a lot of health issues due to her previous life and that makes me feel even more guilty when I don't have the time. She eventually learned to play with the other dogs I had at the time and when younger would play with us a bit but not so much. She kind of wrestles but has never played fetch or anything like that. She does goof on occasion but she is happy to have a couple soft beds, food at command and an occasional chase of a squirrel. I feel guilty all the same. The indoor cats get obnoxious when they aren't getting enough attention and if you ignore them too long you get one up the leg.

Melissa 02-28-2007 06:06 AM

dont worry, it happens to everyone. life just gets us busy sometimes. i havent had time to take my baby cockatiel out for long periods of time ony short ones....and i think he is starting to resent me for

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