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Follow It Home 02-27-2007 06:45 PM

help with a new tank set up
Hello everyone, I recently bought a 10 Gallon aquarium from my friend for 3 dollars. The tank seems to be in great condition. While dirty, the glass is clear and the silicone is clear also. However this aquarium housed hamsters when he used it, is that a problem? Also, my biggest concern is when he got rid of the hamsters, he cleaned it with bleach, however he assured me he rinsed it very thoroughly and I trust him. It has been dry for about 2 to 3 months now, will there be any real problem if I re-clean it and set it up. Your input would be GREATLY appreciated as I would like to not buy the filter, heater etc if I shouldn't even use it.

Thanks in advance! :D

Lupin 02-27-2007 07:00 PM

You'll need to check the tank if it is leak-proof. Try filling it with water completely and let it stand there for hours. If you don't see any leaks, it should be ok.

Follow It Home 02-27-2007 07:24 PM

The bleach shouldnt be a problem?

Picklee 02-27-2007 09:21 PM

To be safe, I would rinse it a few times and scrub it down with vinegar. Bleach was probably the best way to clean it for the purpose that it was being used for, but just to be safe, give it a quick scrub in vinegar and rinse well.

musho3210 02-27-2007 09:24 PM

bleaches main ingredient (or main element if you want to get into chemistry) is chlorine which is removable with de-chlorinators. Just because i just found out, bleach has a ph of 11.

Make sure the bleach doesnt get in contact with ammonia since it will have a chemical reaction and create toxic chloramine gasses (to humans and fish) as well as create an extremly unstable substance (due to the electrons negative charge) and can cause an explosion, brain damage, and possibly temporary blindness. this only happens if there are high concentrations of bleach and ammonia so you wont need to worry about this much.

Rinse well in normal tap water, scrub with a sponge using normal tap water, then take 100% ammonia and water mix and scrub the tank with the ammonia, make sure you do it outside since the fumes can be pretty bad.

Using pure ammonia is better than vinigar as ammonia is removable (by bacteria that you need to learn if you dont already know) and if you use 100% ammonia you wont need to worry about other substances leeching into your tank.

Follow It Home 02-27-2007 09:25 PM

thank you all very much

scottysgirl 02-27-2007 10:01 PM

I would just rinse with water--after 2-3 months no bleach would be left on your tank, rinse with water with dechlorinator in it and that will take care of any possible problem, I don't believe you need to use any chemicals.

Picklee 02-27-2007 10:01 PM

Yea good point, ammonia would be a better choice.

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