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Angel079 02-11-2010 10:41 AM

These Tiger Barbs!
These Tiger's vs my cory eggs...arg!:evil:

I see the cory mom fussing around the tank; look and see she's having eggs...I reach down 2 shelf's lower to grab the net wanting to net the eggs out right away for chances of some fry this time ....Not kidding the 2 sec it took me to reach for the net & open the lid THE ALBIONs ATE IT ALL:|

I think it's time to kiss the cory baby's idea good bye

molliefan09 02-11-2010 11:15 AM

that really stinks!

LisaC144 02-11-2010 02:36 PM

Bummer! That stinks!

Byron 02-11-2010 03:13 PM

It is not impossible, but it is next to impossible, to have eggs survive to hatch and then the fry survive to become adult in an aquarium with adult fish. Some species on their own will work, the cichlids come to mind. I have had one diamond tetra, two kerri tetras, one beckfordi pencilfish, one diptail pencilfish, and now some chocolate gourami and (I think) pygmy sparkling gourami fry survive in my large community aquaria.

Currently the chocolate gourami are spawning regularly. In mid-December I spotted one fry in the floating plants, just a black speck I almost siphoned out during the water change. He managed to survive and is now just over half an inch in length and swimming around with the other fish who completely ignore him. Two weeks ago I spotted 7 new fry, and this week I can only see 2 of them. I also have two others that are certainly not chocolates and I'm suspecting they are pygmy gourami. I just leave them, what survives will survive, nature naturing and all that. Some fish are more active and adept at finding eggs and fry. I can always tell when one of the characin species in the 115g are spawning because there will be a group of several other fish hovering among the plants, just waiting for the eggs to be released. Then a frenzy of gobbling them up as they fall. How even one occasionally manages to escape this predation is a miracle.

The fact that your corys are spawning is good in itself; they are obviously content in their habitat. Which reminds me, I had my pair of Corydoras similis spawning Sunday after the water change. Doubt any will survive though.


Angel079 02-11-2010 06:57 PM

Well I know I "could" put them through the whole ordeal taken them out built a breeder tank yaddy ya...but honestly as much as I'd love some fry I will NOT put my Cory's through that.

I just felt pretty sorry for them om since this was my very 1st time being RIGHT THERE watching the eggs from under her belly being put on the glass and these gobbling Tiger's acted like she was a vending machine...that wasn't nice to see to be honest.

But its'll do its thing and I will leave it be.

As for the Cory feeling content in their home Byron: I can tell you one thing that light changing was done a extreme turn around in behavior for them; I *hoped* that would get them a lil more active but what I been watching here the past 2 days is a WONDERFUL change; now I hope my plants approve too and all should be happy from there on :-)

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