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stephanieleah 02-09-2010 11:03 PM

Okay, on my 29 gallon, I was using 30 watt full spectrum (two tubes, one 6700K and one 10000K) but it broke. So while I waited for a new one to come in the mail, I used my old 90 watt 6700K. Burned the crap out of my plants (I'll be posting photos in another thread for that one, maybe tomorrow).

SO today I got my new lamps that are 17W 8000K, heavy on the reds, and blues, and I didn't realize that this would mean the things would look purple like moonlight! It looks nice, and subtle, and my husband commented that the fish look happy, but purple? what the heck? The reds in the lights are good, right?

It just seems like my plants aren't going to be able to thrive in such darkness.

Mean Harri 02-09-2010 11:06 PM

Don't be fooled. This type of light is great for plants. Green spikes in the spectrum is what looks good to us. Red and blue make the plants grow. If a person can live with the lighting as you describe your plants will love you.

Mean Harri 02-09-2010 11:17 PM

I'll add to my above comment.
Spectrum charts for good plant bulbs will have high spikes in the blue and red range. Generally, the red spikes are not as high, or any where near as high for that matter, as the blue. Red dissipates very quickly in the water. But the more red a bulb puts out over another is still better than nothing at all. Blue spikes that are high, naturally, are good as well. Some plant bulbs include a spectrum spike in green and some do not. That green makes plants look greener and it makes the tank brighter to us. I believe "full spectrum" bulbs achieve a blue/green/and to a degree red spike. Green doesn't go to photosynthesis though. Plants are better off with red and blue spikes from the spectrum and if the bulb includes little green it is still good for the plants and dimmer for the fish, a positive for them. If the fish keeper can tolerate the blueish/purpleish color then no problem. If not, then the common practice for a two bulb light is one great plant bulb and a mid day sun bulb to brighten things up.

Angel079 02-10-2010 01:13 AM

Your fish sure should look better now?

That's why I love mixing bulbs loovvveeee hoods that hold 2 back to back (not side by side) so you can give your plants exactly what they need and balance it with another one that's a lil more "leveled" to our eyes.

Also dim may not necessary "dark" for plants if you recall the whole lumens discussion thread here and me being the dummy to test it (bot I hope I'm not gonna kick my rear in a weeks time over this).

stephanieleah 02-10-2010 09:30 AM

Yes, I was originally going to replace one of the bulbs with something else, but I don't care so much visually (as I like the serene, darker hue to the tank) as I do for what is good for the fish (this is better) and plants (according to you guys this is also better).

They are side-by-side..natalie what do you mean back to back? like one side of your tank looks one way and the other side another? That's how my ten is but since its only a ten it doesn't really matter.

And I still don't understand the whole discussion of lumens we had on that other thread. I tried reading the links that were in that thread and I am even more confused. Probably because I think a lot of times in those articles they use jargon that is just out of reach for me. Don't we all know I'm starting from ground zero! And as much time as I spend on fish forums, you'd think I'd be an expert by now.

I guess I just have to keep trying different things until the right mix comes along for each tank. I'm just glad to have that high intensity lamp off of my tank. I think I'll try to sell the whole deal to some high-techer that could make good use of it.

HollyinWA 02-10-2010 09:51 AM

Byron posted on a thread on this just recently. I cannot remember what thread it was though. I am finding that I tend to like the blue/red hue better than too much daylight (which I think carries the green). The daylight gives off more of a yellow hue in the tank just like the sun. I think the reason why I do not like it in my tanks as much is because my gravel is tan (with the yellow tone) except for the clay colored flourite with a few black specs in it but that is mostly under the tan gravel. You mix the sun tone with the tan and some tannis in the water it reflects a yellow hue - slightly. Also, my plants are not tall enough and lush enough so that is not helping. I have one more bulb that I am going to replace....the Sun Glo 17 watt bulb that the tank originally came with. I may change it out for the Aqua Glo (20 watt) but wanted to ask Byron first or maybe just get the third to match the other two I have. I researched a bit online and thought maybe the Aqua Glo would be a good mix. I cannot remember the K's on it though but I know the K's were enough or maybe a little more than the 6,700. I have three bulbs total back to back......not side by side. The two new bulbs are full spectrum bulbs (both 20 watt which I can't get any higher since they are only 24 inches).

So, you do like the hue better than what you had before?

Angel079 02-10-2010 11:02 AM

What I meant is there some hoods (eg on my 45g) where you have 2x18" lights side-by-side like this - -
And then they're larger tanks/ hoods (like my 55g) where they sit behind 1 another like this =
And I like the = better if you're playing with 2 different spectrum lights; cause like you said if I have them side by side - - and use 2 different spectrum lights then one side of the tank looks different then the other.

stephanieleah 02-10-2010 01:53 PM

@Holly-yes, I was trying to remember which thread that was as well

@ Angel- Yes so in my 10 gallon i have -- but you can't really tell (they are two different brands, same wattage and spectrum, different color balance)

I may just switch out one of the bulbs, or hope that Byron will jump in here and give me the green light (no pun intended) on the purple-ish lamps. I believe he uses combinations, too.

Mean Harri 02-10-2010 11:07 PM

I linked this somewhere else Stephanie. Not sure if you got it. I like it because it shows lighting with different combinations of bulbs. It also show spectrum graphs for various bulbs. Just for an example. The Hagen Power Glo has blue/green/red spike and will be a bit brighter to us than the Sylvania Gro Lux, for example. The Gro Lux is purplish as its green spectrum is real low compared to the Hagan Power Glo.


stephanieleah 02-10-2010 11:15 PM

this one is about the hue of my tank right now. brighter, but this hue.


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