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Sylverclaws 03-22-2014 02:47 AM

Amano Shrimp info please?
So, I have an electric blue crayfish I was trying to find some nice ghost shrimp for. Finding ghost shrimp here is like trying to find a...uh...well ok it's hard. =-=; It shouldn't be hard, but it is. lol Places you can find them in the masses usually have very unhealthy ones, and the ones that are hard to find are usually alright, but the shops around here are usually out of stock or very low on it.

So anyways, three of my four survived when I purchased them last week and I wanted to add to their group to breed some of my own. I went to get more today, came home with six and realized something was off...We were in a huge hurry so I didn't take a good look, I just asked them to get me some nice bright ghost shrimp with no cloudiness or white spots, as many as they had, while I went to do the rest of my shopping. Turns out I got amano shrimp! Darker colored, blackish eggs instead of the bright green ones ghosts have, yeah.

So I was wondering, is their care any different from ghost shrimp, do they need specific care for the youngsters aside from thick planting and moss to hide in and eat(like are they tiny larva or born like mini shrimp, any special foods and such I need to give) will they interbreed with my ghosts(I am wondering if those are mixed shrimp as is, they're kinda ghosty but one has black eggs and one is a nice brown color, the rest are brownish but mostly like ghost shrimp), and will those babies or the amanos period be ok to...well, feed to my crayfish? I feel so dirty saying it. =-= I love shrimpies, but it's good for Baby Blue to eat them for his own shell and health. Will they have the same, better or worse benefits when....lunch. T_T I'm keeping some elsewhere, he can't have them.

They seem nice and active, no odd clouded spots on them, though one has gold feet...What an odd thing to happen, I really shouldn't rush things, but pa had chemo today and we were rushed. x.x Anything I should look out for that lets me knwo they may be ill or have something wrong? I'm used to cherry shrimp more than ghosts or amanos, but I've never had amano shrimp before, so I need to know everything. =)

Oh yeah, and did I get a good deal getting six amano shrimp for thirty cents(price of ghost shrimp)? lol I usually see them sold for like six or seven bucks a piece, which is ridiculous in my opinion, same for cherries. X_X

jpepe1 03-22-2014 11:21 AM

You got a handful there.They only breed in brackish water Also they are wild caught.There is a website called Planet Inverts that has loads of info for you.Good Luck

Sylverclaws 03-22-2014 10:04 PM

Oh poo! That sucks about breeding only in brackish. =( I mean I suppose I could, but would keeping them in brackish water be bad? lol How long? One has eggs, I could mix it up temporarily, or do so slow if I must. When something only breeds in brackish water I get confused on how it's done in the tank. Usually you'd think they would migrate, or for brackish water to come in heir area naturally for a time each year or something.

peachii 03-23-2014 04:34 PM

reading a professional explantion would probably make more sense than this but I'll try to explain it :P

N/M here is a nice blog link for you about breeding them. Much easier than typing all that out and having it make sense. It's Sunday and I"m lazy today.
Breeding Yamato (Amano) shrimp | Mikes Whatever
Amano Shrimp .:. Caridina multidentata .:. Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Species Information Page

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